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The public should be told that vaccines have long-term adverse effects


More educated citizens should demand safety studies prior to widespread immunizations in the future. Why because?

Bill Gates Says No To Sharing Covid Vaccine Formulas With India, Developing Nations:

In an interview with Sky News, Bill Gates was asked if it would help the current vaccine shortage if the intellectual property protections were lifted and allowed other vaccine makers around the world to make those vaccines. To this, he responded with a, “No“.

It would have been better for the government and their so-called experts to examine his claim, rather than mass-vaccinate the population.

The COVID agenda must be halted! Our goal is to educate our government and demand that mainstream media refrain from spreading misinformation to the public. It’s high time the government should listen to our Experts from Qvive Network about how to avoid spreading fear in the public. Whereas our Qvive continues to provide accurate information on covid agenda and we strongly believe in TruthHonesty, and Transparency

When World Health Organization (WHO) banned four India-made cough and cold syrups, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) launched a probe over the drugs linked to the death of 66 children in the Gambia.

In the wake of vaccine deaths and side effects, why hasn’t the WHO taken action against these serum institutes? It was the government and media that openly promoted Bill Gates instead of arresting him for coming to India with evil intentions. Because of this, our government and mainstream media have lost public trust, and that proves they are corrupt.

According to Dr. Sanjay K. Rai, Professor of Community Medicine, AIIMS, Delhi, and President

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We are already in the endemic phase of COVID-19. There is no added benefit of counting Covid cases.

Covid-19 booster dose can do more harm than good at this time, says AIIMS doctor;

Editor: In the wake of the recent rise in fake Covid-19 cases, many fake experts are advising people to take maximum precautions and also booster doses.

Our AIIMS doctor Dr. Sanjay Rai is of the opinion that a booster dose of the vaccine can do more harm than good.

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Wake up India!  Government file for dismissal of vaccine death case with Supreme Court.

Additional Information:

Editor—Jefferson’s editorial about vaccination and its adverse effects mentions our research. We found that immunization starting at birth was associated with a decreased risk of insulin-dependent diabetes, while immunisation starting after age 2 months was associated with an increased risk of diabetes in both rodents and humans. We initiated a collaboration with Dr Jaakko Tuomilehto to study the effect of Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine on the incidence of diabetes. Roughly 116 000 Finnish children were randomised to receive either four doses of the vaccine, starting at 3 months of age, or one dose at 24 months of age. We calculated the incidence of insulin dependent diabetes in both groups until age 10 and in a group that did not receive the vaccine—a cohort that included all 128 500 children born in Finland in the 24 months before the study of the vaccine began.

A conference was held in Bethesda, Maryland, in May 1998 to discuss our data. At the conference we stated that the data on the vaccine support our published findings that immunisation starting after the age of 2 months is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. Our analysis is further supported by a similar rise in diabetes after immunisation with H influenzae type b vaccine in the United States and United Kingdom. Furthermore, the increased risk of diabetes in the vaccinated group exceeds the expected decreased risk of complications of H influenzae meningitis.

Research into immunisation has been based on the theory that the benefits of immunisation far outweigh the risks from delayed adverse events and so long term safety studies do not need to be performed. When looking at diabetes—only one potential chronic adverse event—we found that the rise in the prevalence of diabetes may more than offset the expected decline in long term complications of H influenzae meningitis. Thus diabetes induced by vaccine should not be considered a rare potential adverse event. The incidence of many other chronic immunological diseases, including asthma, allergies, and immune mediated cancers, has risen rapidly and may also be linked to immunisation.

We believe that the public should be fully informed that vaccines, though effective in preventing infections, may have long term adverse effects. An educated public will probably increasingly demand proper safety studies before widespread immunisation.

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Qvive: The Experts at Qvive Network have shown the public that WHO, the CDC, and other research institutions have failed to adequately address vaccine side effects and pandemic issues.

Additionally, several scientists around the world have warned of the potential life-threatening effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

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📍Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis requested a grand jury investigation of COVID-19 vaccines

Source: PMC, Indiatimes, TOI


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