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Wake up India!  Government file for dismissal of vaccine death case with Supreme Court.


The COVID agenda must be halted! Our goal is to educate our government and demand that mainstream media refrain from spreading misinformation to the public. It’s high time the government should listen to our Experts from Qvive Network about how to avoid spreading fear in the public. Whereas our Qvive continues to provide accurate information on covid agenda and we strongly believe in Truth, Honesty, and Transparency

When World Health Organization (WHO) banned four India-made cough and cold syrups, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) launched a probe over the drugs linked to the death of 66 children in the Gambia.

In the wake of vaccine deaths and side effects, why hasn’t the WHO taken action against these serum institutes? It was the government and media that openly promoted Bill Gates instead of arresting him for coming to India with evil intentions. Because of this, our government and mainstream media have lost public trust, and that proves they are corrupt.

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After reading this article it won’t be long before you begin to realize that the entire operation on Covid and vaccines is false, misinformed, and due to a lack of research conducted by the government and mainstream media. As a result, they encouraged the continuation of the vaccination drive. 

In addition, you will gain an understanding of the pandemic agenda and what is meant to destroy in order to bring about a New World Order.

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As far as the Coronavirus was concerned, the World Health Organization misled the public, and Vaccination information was poorly provided, resulting in many deaths from vaccine side effects.

Actually Rather than being independent, WHO depends on the whims of the nations that fund it and select its leaders. 

Three years after vaccine failures, the WHO has yet to address them because they have failed in their structures and blamed the wrong people.

When First death confirmed due to anaphylaxis following COVID-19 vaccination.

Central government says gains outweigh risks, advocates vaccines for all.

The Hindu, June 15, 2021 :  A government panel studying COVID-19 vaccine side effects has confirmed the first death, due to anaphylaxis, following COVID-19 vaccination here on Tuesday. According to a report submitted by the national Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) Committee, a 68-year-old man died due to anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) after being vaccinated on March 8. The death is reported as “vaccine product related reaction” in the report.

The deceased had taken Covishield. The causality assessment of 31 reported adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) cases was carried out by the panel.  N.K. Arora, advisor, National AEFI committee told The Hindu: “It is the first death linked to COVID-19 vaccination due to anaphylaxis. But compared to the overall numbers, only a small number had a severe reaction. Those getting their vaccination need to wait for 30 minutes at the inoculation centre after vaccination as most of the anaphylactic reactions occur during this period and prompt treatment prevents deaths.”


This was shocking when  Govt asks Supreme Court to dismiss vaccine death case -Nov 30, 2022

The government has requested the Supreme Court to dismiss a petition filed jointly by the parents of two young women who died after they took a Covid vaccine.

In a 276-page reply to a court notice seeking its response to the petition, the government said the vaccine, Covishield, had gone through a rigorous safety review and regulatory approval process before it got the clearance. 



180 deaths after Covid-19 jabs till March 31, 75% within 3 days – Apr 12, 2021 

TOI, Apr 12, 2021: A presentation made to the National AEFI (adverse event following immunization) Committee on March 31 recorded that there had been 180 deaths till that time and three-fourths of the deaths happened within three days of the shot. 

In other serious adverse events too, the overwhelming majority took place in the three-day window. Even as AEFI deaths are reported daily, causality assessment by the National AEFI Committee appears to be lagging with information about just 10 deaths in the public domain. 


Many of the AEFIs and deaths reported in India bear striking similarities to those recorded in the European Union and the UK, on the basis of which the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has warned “healthcare professionals and people receiving the vaccine to remain aware of the possibility of very rare cases of blood clots combined with low levels of blood platelets occurring within 2 weeks of vaccination”. 


On the other hand News 18 reports, 26k Adverse Events, and 488 Deaths Reported in India During Covid Vaccination Drive: Data

CNN-News18,JUNE 14, 2021: India has reported a little over 26,000 cases of Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) and 488 deaths linked to post-vaccination complications between January 16 and June 7, according to government data accessed by 


A very shocking statement was made earlier this week by Indian health minister Mansukh Mandaviya regarding the increase in heart attacks caused by Covid vaccines. The government failed to acknowledge that vaccines earlier failed and caused many deaths, and yet they haven’t yet given death reports on vaccinations. Rather than addressing the issue, they attempt to conceal it.


Kerala reported deaths 244, Maharashtra (102), Uttar Pradesh (86), Madhya Pradesh (85) and Karnataka  (75)

TOI, Mar 28, 2023: Karnataka saw 75 deaths following Covid vaccination: Centre in LS 


Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya, an activist and physician from Mangaluru 

“We had raised the safety concerns in the beginning itself. As the vaccination details of every person are tagged to his Aadhaar number, the government must come out with details about these adverse events and the time gap between vaccination, and deaths among other things “

Business Standard, Mar 30 2023: AstraZeneca Shot Raised Heart-Related Death Risk In Young Women: Report

AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine (manufactured and administered in India as Covishield) raised the risk of heart problem, and death by 3.5 times in young women in the first three months following the first dose, according to a report.


Despite the fact that the Indian government has admitted there are side effects associated with clotshots, the campaign is still going on unabated.

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📍Marco Cavaleri, the head of the office of biological health threats and vaccines strategy, expressed concern that people are getting blood clots, but Adar poonawala ignored that report and continued to say that vaccinations are safe.

📍According to our investigation, A Virus known as Lies, Disinformation, and Fear is spread by the government and the mainstream media controlled by the World Economic Forum.



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