Friday, June 14, 2024

Cameras Captured Top Health Officials Admitting They Don’t know Vaccines are Safe. The government should now answer people’s questions about mass vaccination campaigns.


The Global Vaccine Safety Summit was held in December 2019; you will learn how much we should trust and believe our governments and mainstream media after watching this video. These concerns were also raised on our Qvive Network by our Experts and AIM teams, who have been informing us about the side effects of vaccines, masks, and inaccurate RT-PCR test results. However, our government officials have yet to respond to these concerns.

The time has come for Governments and WHO to contact our experts and AIM Teams in order to obtain the necessary information.

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Rt Pcr Test is Unauthentic

BEWARE! PCR tests manufacturing units owned by Bill Gates and George Soros.

Additional Information:

COVID-19 PCR tests are Scientifically Meaningless


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