Thursday, February 22, 2024

Quack doctors play havoc with people’s lives. Public! Vaccines are destroying the immune system and causing many deaths.


Today’s Article on TOI: 3-month-old child dies 24 hours after vaccination in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh 

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Did the Government and mainstream media have taken any serious action to stop vaccines or still in support of WHO, SII and Bill Gates?

We have seen past WHO funded by Bill gates and Bill Gates is the largest investor in WHO.

Did India ever sue Bill Gates for vaccine-related deaths?

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The UHO(Universal Health Organization) experts call on the government to provide more information about the Covid-19 narrative on the Qvive Network and the public needs answers to these questions as well.

Several reports about vaccine-related deaths have been released in recent days, but none of them have driven to stop vaccination campaigns except the Qvive Network with expertise from UHO, AIM, JSM, and BNM.

Shocking! The Centre told the Supreme Court that the government can’t be held liable for adverse effects resulting from Covid vaccinations.

Hindustantimes Nov 29, 2022: Govt not liable for deaths related to Covid vaccine: Centre tells SC 

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In that case, the public and Qvive Network experts want to know what kind of responsibilities are being taken by the government.

It seems that mainstream media and the government are only focused on increasing fake Covid cases.


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