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COVID is dead but the PCR test is alive: ALERT! False PCR tests are conducted to terrorize the public.


Government and Mainstream Media on False Pandemic Agenda:

Apr 21, 2023, Should the statement on TOI worry us? ‘Pandemic still not over’: Centre writes to 8 states amid ‘consistent rise’ in Covid cases.

Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Friday wrote a letter to the health secretaries of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana, and Delhi amid a rise in Covid-19 cases in the country.

ANI: According to Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dang’s Laboratories, Corona symptoms are just like colds and flu, as well as having no danger. 

Consequently, Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan should cease misleading the public with false information. He should focus on the deaths caused by vaccines and their side effects instead of debating this false Covid narrative. Perhaps they are doing so in order to increase hospitalizations so that Pharma can benefit.

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Dr. Derick Knauss a Clinical Lab Scientist, COVID-19 Is Fake.

The death rate from vaccines is higher than Corona, as it is caused by heart attacks, paralysis, joint pain, blindness, deafness, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, skin diseases, brain (neurological) problems, fighting any disease, reduction in capacity, and death due to any disease. These research papers and complaints are coming from all over the world. Covishield has been banned in 21 European countries for similar reasons, but Adar Poonawala and his partner Bill Gates, the Health Secretary, have not.

In India’s High Court Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla are accused of being habitual offenders of earning profits by selling vaccines with death-causing side effects and therefore, they are in the category of “Mass Murderers”.

In 2017, Bill Gates and his Foundation were cut off and questions were raised about the Gates Foundation’s relationship with pharmaceutical companies and how it might influence vaccination policy.

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Trial and Error: Ethical Violations of HPV Vaccination Trials in India: Noxious Vaccines by Bill Gates

Serum Institute and Adar Poonawalla receive Rs.10,000 crore compensation notice from the court

Did India ever sue Bill Gates for vaccine-related deaths?

The UHO(Universal Health Organization) experts call on the government to provide more information about the Covid-19 narrative on the Qvive Network and the public needs answers to these questions as well.

1. Was Covid-19 a pandemic?

2. Is vaccine-induced immunity better than natural immunity?

3. Was asymptomatic transmission significant?

4. Does immunity correspond only to antibodies?

5. Are Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reported as they should be?

6. Do the Covid-19 vaccines prevent transmission?

7. Are the Covid-19 vaccines safe?

8. Are Covid-19 vaccines the only solution?

9. Were Covid-19 vaccine mandates legal or ethical?

10. Is WHO’s pandemic treaty warranted?

11. Was the PCR test fit for the purpose of detecting Covid-19?

12. Did masks prevent Covid spread or promote anxiety spread?

13. Did the lockdown save lives or crush lives?

14. Was censorship during Covid-19 management warranted?

Universal Health Organization:

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📍BEWARE! PCR tests manufacturing units owned by Bill Gates and George Soros.

📍Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique, said that PCR had been misused and criticized the use of PCR as a diagnostic tool.

📍Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the PCR test Dr. Kary Mullis said there is an end to the Global warming fiasco.

📍Rt Pcr Test is Unauthentic

Source: TOI, ANI, image-tribuneindia


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