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Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have been found to contain nanotechnology.


Doctor Charles Morgan, former CIA and consultant for the US military on neurological sciences, spoke to cadets at West Point in 2018 about the current state of technology. He briefed the cadets on experiments from 2013 where humans were given neural implants that allowed them to control prosthetic arms with their thoughts. Experiments where one person can control another person’s hands by just wearing an EEG cap. Experiments where information is transmitted from one mind to another. And experiments where memories are erased.

Vaccine DNA Mind Control Technology: Dr Charles Morgan, West Point, 2018

Doctor Morgan admits they have the technology to target an individual person and are working on the ability to erase the memories of any human they choose. Their biggest challenge five years ago was being able to interface with the hippocampus without the use of physical wires. And this is most likely one of the motivating factors for the deployment of the experimental COVID shots.

Nanoparticles in food packaging may disrupt gut function

Zinc oxide nanoparticles are added to many different types of food packaging. A new study finds that these minute particles might disrupt the way that our intestines absorb nutrients.

Nanoparticles are between 1 and 100 nanometers in diameter.

To put that into perspective, a human hair is around 75,000 nanometers across, and a red blood cell is roughly 7,000 nanometers across.

So, nanoparticles are very small indeed. And, worryingly, they are everywhere.

Nanoparticles have a relatively large surface area, which makes them more chemically reactive. This increased reactivity gives them unique properties that are utilized by the manufacturers of a vast range of products, including paints, cosmetics, windows, sunscreens, fabrics, and cars.


Dr. Joseph Mercola said [a], “Synthetic meat is the epitome of ultraprocessed food, and it seems naïve to think it won’t have health effects similar to other ultraprocessed junk foods.” For All-American REAL beef raised in pastures, sous vide, then freeze-dried for long-term storage, visit Whole Cows [b] and use promo code “no junk” at checkout.



Using Dark-field microscopy, Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea has captured in great detail what the scientific literature describes as effective technologies that exist today. Technology such as Quantum Dots.

Quantum Dots are nanotechnology with the ability to organize, operate, communicate, and build structures within the blood. They do so with a tunable photoluminescence that can be programmed to dictate various tasks via optical communication. The description and images displayed in the scientific literature compared to what Mihalcea’s Dark-field microscopy has captured are the same. You can see the Quantum Dots blinking in different colors acting as the artificial intelligence directing the self-assembly around them. Bubbles are created within the blood that act as construction sites. Within these construction bubbles, the Quantum Dots organize the various materials into self-assembly.

These technologies are being found in both the blood of the vaccinated and in the blood of the un-vaccinated. Depending on what materials are available, the Quantum Dots will trigger them into self-assembly. The COVID vaccines are full of rare and heavy metals to make all manner of nanotechnology. But it seems as if almost everyone is infected with some sort of nano-tech. According to several research teams, everyone’s blood seems to contain the materials required to produce the filaments, and the lattice work for this technology. Blood samples that appear to be healthy have been completely transformed by applying a mere 10 milliamps of electric current for two hours. And it looks as if we may have been infected by the Chemtrails.

Morgellon’s disease was first reported in 2002. It’s when synthetic fibers or filaments are growing in a person’s body. It has been theorized for decades that this was being spread via Chemtrails. And under a microscope, it appears to be the same filaments that people today are calling blood clots. And what the scientific journals call self-assembled hydrogels. According to Dane Wiggington from Geoengineering watch dot org, nanoparticles are being sprayed worldwide.

The good news is that Doctor Mihalcea’s research has found a remedy. The iron in the infected blood has been oxidized to a 3-plus state. And by taking antioxidants one is able to dissolve these filament clots. She has found that EDTA Chelation therapy will remedy infected blood within 3 days. And mega-dosing Vitamin C also works.

Bill Gates Funds Covert Vaccine Nanotechnology

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months. It might accurately be called a “temporary castration” technology.

Now, the foundation has funded a new “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin. The technology is describes as a way to “…develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines.”

The research grant money is going to Carlos Alberto Guzman of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany and Claus-Michael Lehr and Steffi Hansen of the Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research.

These are both part of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” program which claims to be working to “achieve major breakthroughs in global health.”…breakthroughs like mass sterilization and nanoparticle vaccines that could be covertly administered even without your knowledge, it turns out. These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist that’s sprayed on to every person who walks through an airport security checkpoint, for example. Or it could be unleashed through the ventilation systems of corporate office buildings or public schools to vaccinate the masses. You wouldn’t even know you were being vaccinated.

This technology is potentially very dangerous to your health freedom. Using it, governments or drug companies (which are all the same thing these days) could create a vaccine skin cream that’s handed out and described as “sunscreen.” But when you put it on, you’re actually vaccinating yourself as the nanoparticles burrow underneath your skin and burst, releasing foreign DNA inside your body.

A history of covert mass medication
But why would the government medicate people without their knowledge or consent, you ask? They already do it with water fluoridation. Fluoride is a drug, and regional and national governments all over the world are using the water supply as a way to deliver the fluoride drug to people whether they need it or not — and without any proper medical diagnosis or prescription.

So if governments are already covertly medicating people with fluoride in the water supply, they’ve set the stage mass-vaccinating people through similar channels, such as the air supply in buildings. And thanks to Bill Gates, this nanotechnology needed to pull this off is now being funded.

Is this really a “major breakthrough in global health?”

I suppose it is if you believe in covert medicine where you dose people with drugs or vaccines without their knowledge. Western medicine is so offensive to rational people that it can’t even operate out in the open. That’s why it resorts to covert contamination of the water supply in order to force the public to swallow its drugs.

First Real NanoBots Entering The Body

Fluoride and covert medicine
Oh, by the way, to anyone who argues that fluoride is not a drug, remember this: According to the FDA, any chemical substance that has a biological effect on the human body is, by definition, a drug. Therefore fluoride is a drug, too.

Even more, fluoride is promoted with outlandish claims about “preventing cavities” by swallowing it, making it an “unapproved drug” according to the FDA. So how is it that this unapproved drug can be dripped into the water supply and forced upon hundreds of millions of people without a single diagnosis of fluoride deficiency or even a single prescription from a doctor?

The answer is that western medicine is so arrogant that it does not believe it needs to follow any rules, regulations or laws. It is a system of “bully” medicine where drugs are shoved down your throat by being covertly dripped into the water supply without your consent. So why should we believe vaccines will be any different? If mainstream medicine can find a way to force every person to unknowingly be injected with vaccines, make no mistake they will pursue it!

And such efforts will no doubt have the continued financial support of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates predicted the pandemic and now warns of future dangers

March 2, 2021: In a Forbes interview, Bill Gates suggested that we must prepare for future pandemics as if they were a threat of war, and the Gates’ foundation’s annual letter for 2020 called on wealthy nations to invest tens of billions of dollars to be ready for the next pandemic after Covid-19.

Gates’ heavyweight support was welcomed by The World Nano Foundation (WNF) the not-for-profit organisation that advances innovation and commercialisation of nanoscale technologies.

WNF Co-founder Paul Sheedy said: “Not only is Bill Gates pledging huge amounts from his own foundation, but also calling for government and private investment in global issues like pandemic protection and Climate Change where nanotechnologies can play a vital part.” 

Nanotechnology had helped speed development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, investment to develop a universal mRNA vaccine and other measures that will be crucial to global protection from another virus outbreak, and Sheedy concluded:

“Nanomedicines and nano-based diagnostics and other nanotechnology breakthroughs have been vital to the on-going COVID-19 battle, highlighting the need to back the science and technology with investment that can benefit us all while delivering value and extending human longevity.”

An introduction to nanomedicine with the World Nano Foundation

The World Nano Foundation explains how nanomedicine could treat Covid-19 and degenerative diseases

The World Nano Foundation was established in 2015 with a primary objective: to leverage the potential of nanotechnology to address global issues.

Paul Sheedy and Paul Stannard

Chairman Paul Stannard and founder Paul Sheedy, who helped lead the provision of Chinese-manufactured Covid-19 rapid antibody tests in Europe, tells Pharma IQ about the possibilities of nanomedicine to treat disease.

Pharma IQ: What is nanomedicine and what makes it different to conventional medicine? 
Paul Stannard: Drug development is very costly because the failure rate when drugs go to clinical trials is so high. Also, a lot of new drugs are just repurposing something that has already been through two or three cycles of clinical trials. This is why a lot of drugs have side effects and slow things down rather than solve the problem. It is a sticking plaster rather than a permanent fix.

With nanomedicines, because they are on the nanoscale, they have a lot less problems with adaptation inside the body because they are so tiny. They can go direct to the problem, unlike an aspirin where only a tiny speck of the drug does any good, but you can’t take it too often because it causes all sorts of other problems.

Paul Sheedy: One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. To give you an idea, cells are many thousands of nanometers wide, but the spike on a Coronavirus protein is 11 nanometers wide in total. These are beyond what the eye can see so when you are working with anything under 100 nanometers you need specialist microscopes.

Pharma IQ: Could nanomedicine be used to treat Covid-19? 
Paul Sheedy: There is an antiviral drug in development at the moment that is actually a novel compound as opposed to a derived compound from something that is already in use. It looks at the tiny things that happen when a virus attacks and it has found one part of the cell that is redundant for our functions, that the virus uses to enter a cell. Because we don’t need it, or so we believe, if we shut it down or turn it off, the virus won’t be able to access the cell and therefore won’t be successful in attacking it.

This has been discovered thanks to people thinking about it from a nanotechnology perspective. The other drugs you see on the market for Covid-19 are derived from other treatments.

Continue reading:,health%20conditions%2C%20as%20well%20as%20for%20other%20industries.

Bill Gates, recognized the vast potential of nanotechnology and its ability to revolutionize multiple spheres. Inspired by this notion, Gates has generously extended his support to The World Nano Foundation, enabling them to carry out their mission.

WNF website: The World Nano Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the innovation and commercialisation of nanoscale technologies. We unite key stakeholders, fostering an environment that supports the nanotechnology ecosystem.

Our mission is to drive investment, facilitate knowledge transfer, commercial scaling, and cultivate partnerships between industry and academic institutes focused on nanoscale innovation.

The World Nano Foundation, as an international membership community we connect nanotechnology start-ups, nanotech academic institutions, and industry groups, maximising the potential and impact of these groundbreaking applications.

Biden’s Universal Nanotechnology Vaccine & “Zombie” Blood

The 2023 Presidential Budget for Nanotechnology and how if confirms everything I have been saying for months regarding synthetic biology and nanotechnology in C19 shots 

Dexamethasone, a commonly used steroid medication, as an example of artificial intelligent self assembly hydrogel with videos from my dark field microscopic work

Analysis of embalmed blood of an individual deceased over 8 months ago with classic hydrogel blood clots shows same findings as we see in live blood of C19 vaccinated and unvaccinated blood

Dynamic self assembly shown in embalmed blood.

Source: The Robert Scott Bell Show, World Nano Foundation, Image-Rocketreach, MDPI, LinkedIn and Youtube, Rumble,

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