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ALERT! Is Morgellons Disease Linked to Chemtrail Spraying?


It’s crucial to share vital information about this distressing condition that feels like a nightmare. I was completely amazed when I discovered that singer Joni Mitchell is also impacted by this condition and it has motivated me to raise awareness about this alleged bioweapon through my research.

 Singer Joni Mitchell

Talking about the link between chemtrails and Morgellons disease with Nanotechnology.

Morgellons & Smart Dust/Nanobots

Morgellons is a new disease that started shortly after the chemtrail spraying programs began. It is evidenced by blisters and wire-like fibers coming out of the body. Most of the “scientific community”, despite physical evidence of Morgellons, has insisted that it is a delusional disorder.

Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease part 1of 2

One of the leading (and first) researchers of morgellons was Cliff Carnicom, a scientist. You can find his research on Morgellons here, and there is a good article on it here [1]

Cliff Carnicom, a scientist
[1] https://www.voltairenet.org/article165822.html.

There is ample evidence that morgellons and nanobots come, at least in part, from chemtrails. Documentation of some of that evidence is on this page (more on nanotechnology is on the Nanotechnology [2] page of this site). It is hard to find any treatment from medical or “official” sources, but few have claimed to have found remedies and they are shared here. 

[2] http://www.chemtrailplanet.com/Nano.html


1,200x magnification of fiber growing from skin [1]

700x magnification of a fiber growing back into the skin [1]

Morgellon disease is a condition characterized by a range of symptoms, including sensations of crawling insects under the skin, unexplained fibers emerging from lesions, and chronic itching. The origins of Morgellons date back to the early 2000s when a case series was presented by a researcher named Mary Leitao. Since then, the condition has gained attention in the media but remains poorly understood by the medical community.

Mary Leitao

Researchers found that the fibers reported by Morgellons patients were, in fact, consistent with common materials found in clothing, such as cotton or nylon. Additionally, chemical analysis of alleged chemtrail samples demonstrated only the presence of typical atmospheric pollutants and substances corresponding to expected aviation-related emissions.

What is Morgellons?

Morgellons is a condition characterized by the presence of fibers or particles embedded in the skin. Patients with Morgellons report a range of symptoms including itching, crawling sensations, skin lesions, and the emergence of colorful fibers from the skin. The fibers have been described as black, blue, red, or white. Morgellons is often associated with a feeling of being infested and can have a significant impact on the quality of life for those affected.

Patients with Morgellons [a] disease experience spontaneous, slow-healing and painful ulcerating skin lesions across their head, face, trunk, or limbs. These lesions can be quite large and leave disfiguring scars. 

[a] https://www.dovepress.com/articles.php?article_id=29451

Patients suffering from Morgellons also experience strange fibers or filaments that sprout from their skin and grow deep between skin layers. Morgellons fibers are made out of keratin and collagen proteins stemming from skin cells that an infectious bacteria invaded. 

Nearly all Morgellons patients studied test positive for Borrelia burgdorferi infectionsBorrelia burgdorferi is a group of spirochetal bacteria transmitted through black-legged tick bites and quickly spread from the site of the bite through the body if left untreated. 

As the bacteria spreads throughout the body, it takes up residence in the tissues, which causes joint, heart, and nervous system problems such as: 

  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Meningitis
  • Neuropathies
  • Muscular pain
  • Cardiac disease
  • Ulcerating lesions
  • Cognitive dysfunction 
  • Unusual skin fiber growth
  • Erythema migrans (bulls-eye) rash

Many of these symptoms mirror Lyme disease. The parallel makes sense since the same group of bacteria is responsible for both conditions. 

Lyme and Morgellons

In this study [b], researchers identified 25 Morgellons patients based on fiber growth and ulcerating lesions. They collected tissue and body-fluid samples  to test rigorously at three independent laboratories. While only two-thirds of the patients met the criteria for CDC Lyme Surveillance, everyone tested positive for a Borrelia burgdorferi infection despite taking antibiotics to treat their symptoms. 

[b] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4328066/

Researchers concluded that Morgellons disease is a manifestation of Lyme borreliosis, the infection responsible for Lyme disease

Though researchers don’t yet understand why, only a small subgroup of Lyme disease patients—mostly middle-aged caucasian women—develop Morgellons symptoms. These nasty symptoms include fiber growth, ulcerating lesions, debilitating fatigue, and cognitive decline. 

Patients in this subgroup have trouble conquering their spirochetal infections independently and sometimes even after help from antibiotics. Without successful treatment, symptoms and the underlying infection may persist for months or even years without relief. 

If you or a loved one are suffering from Morgellons disease and don’t know where to turn, you can find doctors who understand your condition [c] through our website. 

[c] https://thecehf.org/patient-resources/

We still have much to learn about Morgellons disease.  

Please consider donating to our foundation today.  Every dollar donated goes to help fund research that will provide relief to suffering patients, improve diagnosis, and educate doctors and patients on better paths to healing. 

Symptoms of Morgellons:

The symptoms of Morgellons can vary from person to person but commonly include:

  1. Itching and crawling sensations: Individuals with Morgellons often report intense itching and the sensation of insects crawling on or under their skin. This can lead to significant discomfort and distress.
Itchy skin illness all in the mind, study says
  1. Skin lesions: Morgellons patients may develop skin lesions or rashes that do not heal easily. These lesions are often accompanied by the presence of fibers or particles.
  1. Fiber emergence: One of the hallmark symptoms of Morgellons is the emergence of fibers from the skin. These fibers can be colorful and are often difficult to remove.
  1. Psychological symptoms: Many individuals with Morgellons also experience psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and social isolation. The nature of the condition can lead to misunderstandings and skepticism from others, exacerbating these psychological impacts.

Morgellons Disease Symptoms of the 13 Body Systems

Continue reading to learn more about the symptoms: https://megansmiraclestudio.com/blogs/morgellons-the-truth-exposed/morgellons-disease-symptoms-of-the-13-body-systems

Chemtrails, Crystal Formations, Morgellons Fibers and Self-Assembling Polymer Formations in the Body

Ref: https://www.academia.edu/41173767/Chemtrails_Crystal_Formations_Morgellons_Fibers_and_Self_Assembling_Polymer_Formations_in_the_Body

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Canadian Banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis: Morgellons was released by US government as a bioweapon

Marcia Pavlis

Just days after a report by the New York Times that iconic Canadian singer Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized with Morgellons, another Canadian woman, Canadian banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis, who blew the whistle on unethical practices by her employer HSBC bank in Victoria BC Canada and subsequently developed Morgellons, goes public in this highly substantive NewsInsideOut.com interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

In this interview, Marcia Pavlis, who has now become a public advocate of Morgellons awareness, demonstrates how Morgellons appears to be a release of a bioweapon by the US government upon the public.

If this is the case, such an act is a violation of international humanitarian law prohibiting crimes against humanity and genocide, and must be cataloged along with a rising list of war crimes charges against the US government and its officials and responsible employees, including members of any international war crimes racketeering organization carrying out such biowarfare to depopulate humanity.


What Is Morgellons? Singer Joni Mitchell’s Disputed Diagnosis – NYTimes.com

Marcia Pavlis You Tube channel


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News Articles


Additional Information:

Mary Leitao

The inventor of Morgellons Disease, the biologist Leitao found the term in a very old reference book and used it to describe her child’s rash, which doctors described as common eczema. Fuelled by various sensationalist news stories, Morgellons has achieved a life of its own, despite the fact that few serious researches have found anything novel about the conditions (apart, possibly, from the fact that the patients may suffer from delusional parasitosis). The disease seems to affect a particular group of people predisposed towards mistrust towards “established medical science”, and the people doing serious discussions of the condition at morgellons watch appears to have closed down.

No one doubts that patients are suffering, of course, but the “research foundation” (where Leitao is executive director) has already decided what’s going on. They have started with a conclusion rather than a hypothesis, and are hence working on making the data fit. Which is, of course, not how science is done. In fact, the little research there is in support of the diagnosis is often (well, consistently) rather poor, such as this one (where Leitao herself was involved).

This is, in short, one of the plagues of modern day healthcare. The afflicted people surely need treatment, but knowing about your own symptoms does not confer authority regarding what the cause of the illness, or the correct diagnosis, is. People who have encountered Morgellons usually ask for the medical establishment to show some empathy, be tolerant and open-minded – failing to recognize that it is they who have already decided on what the correct conclusions are (which is, of course, anything but open-minded), not those who are skeptical of the nature of the disease. Having reached the conclusion without evidence (and then attempting to fit the evidence to the conclusion) makes Leitao and her associates (such as Marc Neumann) crackpots (and that is the case even if it should – contrary to what evidence suggests today – turn out that she is, in the end, correct about Morgellons being a real disease).

Diagnosis: Surely worthy of empathy, and Leitao certainly has people’s best interest in mind; but she is definitely a crackpot, and as such, she may end up – unintentionally – doing quite a lot of harm.

Source: The Charles E. Holman Foundation, Chemtrail Planet, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, Auricmedia

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