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Have we been properly educated or informed about masks? Researchers conclude that titanium nanoparticles found in Covid masks cause Cancer


If masking is harmful with no quality evidence of benefit, why is it enforced?

Titanium dioxide particles frequently present in face masks intended for general use require regulatory control

According to a February 2022 Nature article, Covid masks shed nanoparticle fibers of titanium dioxide, which the European Chemical Agency and other research groups rate as potentially carcinogenic to humans, as well as to rodents.


Although titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a suspected human carcinogen when inhaled, fiber-grade TiO2 (nano)particles were demonstrated in synthetic textile fibers of face masks intended for the general public.

STEM-EDX analysis on sections of a variety of single use and reusable face masks visualized agglomerated near-spherical TiO2 particles in non-woven fabrics, polyester, polyamide and bi-component fibers.

Median sizes of constituent particles ranged from 89 to 184 nm, implying an important fraction of nano-sized particles (< 100 nm).

The total TiO2 mass determined by ICP-OES ranged from 791 to 152,345 µg per mask.

The estimated TiO2 mass at the fiber surface ranged from 17 to 4394 µg, and systematically exceeded the acceptable exposure level to TiO2 by inhalation (3.6 µg), determined based on a scenario where face masks are worn intensively.

No assumptions were made about the likelihood of the release of TiO2 particles itself, since direct measurement of release and inhalation uptake when face masks are worn could not be assessed.

The importance of wearing face masks against COVID-19 is unquestionable. [JH comment: There is no high-quality evidence for this statement, likely placed in the article for political reasons to support the government’s prevailing false narrative on masks.]

Even so, these results urge for in depth research of (nano)technology applications in textiles to avoid possible future consequences caused by a poorly regulated use and to implement regulatory standards phasing out or limiting the amount of TiO2 particles, following the safe-by-design principle.

HB1131: Certified Industrial Hygienist Stephen Petty’s Senate Testimony on Why Masks Don’t or Can’t Work

Stephen Petty testified before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services in defense of NH HB1131, which would “prohibit school boards and accredited nonpublic schools from adopting, enforcing, or implementing a policy that requires students or members of the public to wear a facial covering.” ( )

Stephen Petty – On the effectiveness of masks

Physicians who’ve taken time to analyze the high-quality studies on masks know this :

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( https:// )
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Source: James Hill MD’s Newsletter

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📍Attention! BBMP Again on Mask and Vaccination AGENDA, supported by WHO, is intimidating and giving false information on Masks and COVID-19.


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