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BOMBSHELL: CDC Purchased $1.8 Billion of DEATHVAX™ Doses in June for Upcoming “Pandemic” in September.


Gavi: COVAX will close 31 December 2023 having delivered nearly 2 billion doses of vaccines to 146 economies, and averted an estimated 2.7 million deaths in AMC lower-income..

COVAX was the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator

A groundbreaking collaboration to bring COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments to everyone, everywhere. 


Geneva/Accra, 7 December 2023 – The Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced a series of decisions that will help lower-income countries tackle backsliding from the COVID-19 pandemic and be better prepared to respond to future health emergencies. The decisions were taken during a two-day meeting hosted by the Government of Ghana in Accra, Ghana, from 6-7 December.


The Center for Disease Crimes (CDC) Preordered $1.8 Billion DEATHVAX™ Servings In June Ahead of September Followup “Pandemic”

Despite the irrefutable proof that the CDC along with their coconspirators the WHO, NIH, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, CIA, NIH, FDA, Gates “nonprofits,” et al. were complicit in perpetrating the greatest crime against humanity in PSYOP-19, they are all once again at it with their imminent PSYOP-23 “pandemic.” 

In June the CDC was busily preordering billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded (i.e. stolen money) “vaccines” for the September “outbreak.” Because the CDC and the FDA have the most prescient soothsayers gazing into the most clairvoyant crystal balls, they knew exactly which variant(s) would mutate many months into the future.

The damning evidence:

The pediatric Modified mRNA poisons are intended for a demographic with an IFR (infection fatality rate) of around zero.

The below portion of the contract includes the order timeframe — they are rushing through yet again with these “vaccines” but this around they are not even bothering to use their EUA scam:

So how exactly can the CDC pull off their latest illicit untested “vaccine” buy?

First, some backstory context circa 2021 on how the CDC’s partner-in-crime the FDA was running cover for their other partner-in-crime the DoD regarding their covert military C19 “vaccine” program known as Project Salus; because readers of this Substack appreciate that these “vaccines” are military grade slow kill bioweapons:

And now we have the receipts for how exactly the FDA is running cover for the CDC’s most recent purchase:

The images from the above X post:

While referring to these “vaccines” as DEATHVAX™ is apropos in marketing terms, note how these psychotic nodes of the State invoke the most cytotoxic component of their democidal injections in their marketing and branding — they really are admitting their crimes in advance as they are prone to:

The 12 years and older spikevax™ still qualifies as a pediatric drug since the cutoff for pediatric drugs is 16 years; in other words, there will be more variants of these slow kill bioweapons marketed to ages 0-11 when the wholly captured FDA “approves” the same eugenics injections for all ages such that the CDC can then under color of law update their murderous guidances. 

By now if one is unable to appreciate exactly what is being perpetrated against their person, then the only thing preventing them from a most rude awakening will be their all but assured spikevax™ adverse event. And for some even spikevax™-induced death and disease may not be sufficient to stir them from their “Trust the Science” stupor.

Source: 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, Wikipedia

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