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Can This Chart Indicate the Timing of the Next COVID-19 Variants ‘Release’?



JN.1 is a novel subvariant of the Omicron subvariant BA.2.86, known as Pirola, with an additional spike protein mutation. It was first detected in the United States in September 2023.

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Naming diseases

The WHO issued guidelines in 2015 for naming new diseases.( )

A July 27 Facebook post shows a chart in Spanish with the Greek alphabet in the first two columns, and a month and year in the third column. Next to the chart are the logos of organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the WHO.

“These are the PLANNED VARIANTS with the dates when they will be “released” to the media,” text accompanying the chart reads. “The last ‘Covid variant’ is scheduled for February 2023, meaning by the end of 2023, Billion people are scheduled to die.”

Bill Gates famously predicted an infectious virus was likely to kill millions of people across the globe five years before COVID-19 ( )

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Does This Chart Show When COVID-19 Variants Will Be ‘Released’?

Ben Crowder-Image

Once people have access to the calendar, they’ll be aware of the next impending plandemic virus.

“These are the PLANNED COVID-19 VARIANTS – just look at the dates when they will be ‘released’ to the media,” reads one image shared in a July 26,2021 Instagram post, which was liked more than 1,000 times. “DON’T BE STUPID, YOU ARE BEING PLAYED AND MANIPULATED.”

The image includes a table with a list of the letters of the Greek alphabet (though the table begins with delta) under the Spanish label “Cepa/variante,” meaning “strain/variant.” Next to each letter is a month and year for “Lanzamiento,” Spanish for “launch,” through February 2023.

Are More COVID-19 Variants Coming?

World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — seeming to suggest the groups are behind the purported plan to announce a new variant every month.

Here are Bill Gates Notes: 5 things you should know about variants

The virus that causes COVID-19 is evolving, and it’s complicating our efforts to end the pandemic.

1. If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot, you’ve already dealt with a virus variant.

2. We’re seeing the same mutations pop up again and again. That may be good news.

3. The virus is changing, but the path to ending the pandemic remains the same.

4. Variants make it even more important that vaccines are made available everywhere.

5. We can do better next time.

Virus variants are inevitable. If we ever find ourselves in a pandemic scenario again where a pathogen is spreading around the globe, we should expect to see it adapt to survive our attempts to stop it—just as we saw with COVID-19. I hope the difference next time is that we’re better prepared to spot these variants earlier.

SMOKING GUN: UK Health Minister’s leaked messages reveal Truman Show-like psychological terrorism campaign involving RELEASING variants to maximize fear and lockdown compliance

The Telegraph (UK) has released an explosive series of articles documenting the psychological terrorism and biological warfare COVID campaigns waged against the British people by their own government.

As The Telegraph writes:

Throughout the course of the pandemic, officials and ministers wrestled with how to ensure the public complied with ever-changing lockdown restrictions. One weapon in their arsenal was fear.

“We frighten the pants off everyone,” Matt Hancock suggested during one WhatsApp message with his media adviser.

The then Health Secretary was not alone in his desire to scare the public into compliance. The WhatsApp messages seen by the Telegraph show how several members of Mr. Hancock’s team engaged in a kind of ‘Project Fear’ in which they spoke of how to utilise “fear and guilt” to make people obey lockdown.

At one point, Matt Hancock, the former UK Health Minister, asks another government employee, “When do we deploy the new variant?”

He was texting with Damon Poole, who commented, “Yep that’s what will get proper behavior [sic] change.”

In another message, Hancock bragged, “We frighten the pants of everyone with the new strain…”

These are open admissions of a criminal conspiracy to carry out psychological terrorism against the British people.

Damon Poole and Matt Hancock should be immediately arrested and prosecuted, then jailed for life if found guilty.


Source: MDPI-image, Wikipedia, Instagram, Gates Notes, NIH, Verywellhealth, The Scientist-Image, Natural News

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