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Bill Gates formulated another deadly evil plan after his visit to India. It’s STARTING! The NEXT Pandemic is here & children are the target says Bill Gates


Attention Public! World Health Organization and Mainstream media are spreading fear about the next planned pandemic, according to Bill Gates.

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Bill Gates says to prepare for the next pandemic, governments around the world should increase spending on a “global surveillance team”.

Gates admits that vaccines should be improved to block transmission unlike the COVID-19 mRna jab. As a result, he admits that vaccines are not effective and safe.

TOI, Mar 01, 2023:

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya shows Covid war room to Bill Gates on his India tour

Apart from faster diagnostics and vaccine production, he says there is a need to develop early warning systems “on an ongoing basis” to detect new viruses

“The world has much to do on practice and surveillance. 

Sadly, the next pandemic could be far more fatal… this one killed over 20 million, mostly older people. 

You can have a pandemic that would kill hundreds of millions,” Gates said.

EVENT 201: In October of 2019 the World Health Organization together with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and John Hopkins University funded a 3.5 hour pandemic simulation called, Event 201. This simulation laid out in great detail every step of the pandemic. Attached is a 10 minute video that shows a side by side comparison of the simulation vs real events. Those who still doubt that the Covid pandemic was a planned event should watch Dr. David Martins testimony at the European Union Parliament in May of 2023 (link below). His testimony reveals that Covid was a planned pandemic, and if so, what does this mean for the mRNA vaccine? It means that Covid was created for the vaccine and not the vaccine for Covid. The World Economic Forum and the CEO of Bayer have both publicly stated that the mRNA vaccine is in fact genome technology. This means the conspiracy theory that the mRNA vaccine is gene editing technology is true. This brings new meaning to Klaus Schwabs and Yuval Noah Harari’s statements that human beings are now hackable animals. 

EVERYONE should be made aware that the same exact organizations who funded Event 201 just finished a NEW pandemic simulation in October of 2022 called, ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ in Belgium. This new simulation planned for a new pandemic scenario in 2025 with the SEERS virus. Its no secret that these organizations are following an agenda that’s unfolding right in front of us —this is the Great Reset and the establishing of the New World Order.

First, a new simulation event comes to light about a pandemic that will originate in Brazil in 2025, and then second, health and security docs show another pandemic (Spars) will start in 2025 as well? I didn’t know these organizations moved so strongly in the prophetic but looks like we can expect another pandemic in 2025. Plan accordingly. 

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Watch Video: “I would like to make people aware of an upcoming danger to humanity. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants ALL countries to sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty that would hand over all NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY during a pandemic. It would be safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian Drug Cartel. During the Covid pandemic the WHO only told lies and should be declared a terrorist organization. They said Covid was a new and unknown virus and that the vaccine was 82% effective and that it protects against serious illness and death. That of course was all LIES! Today the WHO is more dangerous for humanity then the World Economic Forum.” —Mislabel Kolakusic, European Parliament

The NEXT Pandemic is here & children are the target says Bill Gates:

The UK government has begun testing for asymptomatic bird flu. Two people who worked in poultry farms have tested positive.

The government says that bird flu contamination can come from “the nose and throat from breathing in material on the affected farm or can be true infection. It can be difficult to distinguish these in people who have no symptoms.”

There is no evidence that there has been human-to-human contamination.

This has some people feeling pretty nervous about another asymptomatic pandemic, understandably so. It also feels a bit uncomfortable when coupled with news like this: vaccine makers recently said that they are prepping bird flu shots for humans, “”just in case.””

Now children’s hospitals around the world say that they are preparing for the next pandemic, also “”just in case.”” What are we in for here?


Currently, all major pharmaceutical companies are building factories in Africa, including Pfizer’s in Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa. BioNTech’s BioNTainer factories can produce 50 million doses per year. Bill Gates is building factories in India for the “next pandemic”.

TOI, Sep 15, 2021: ‘For the next pandemic, we’ll have gigantic mRNA factories in India’

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May 12, 2022: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Commits up to US$125 Million to Help End the Acute Phase of COVID-19 and Prevent the Next Pandemic

The Gates Foundation has long supported vaccine manufacturers—in both the public and private sectors—in countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Brazil. The unique capacity of these manufacturers to produce life-saving vaccines on a large scale has dramatically improved health around the world by addressing a range of diseases, including meningitis A, rotavirus, and now COVID-19.

The new funding will help address access barriers to innovations such as mRNA vaccines in low- and middle-income countries.

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Source: TOI, Rumble, Youtube, Brighteon, Gatesfoundation, Twitter, Centerforhealthsecurity


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