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Public! Are You Ready for the Next Pandemic? Here’s proof that the first pandemic was planned for the New World Order


Qvive Network’s Health Experts applaud the UHO, AIM, JSM, and BNM teams’ efforts to reach a wide audience to share awareness of the New World Order agenda. They deserve praise for recognizing the sheer abundance of the right information and alerting the public about the misinformation in the mainstream media about the coronavirus.

Besides revealing the pandemic’s role as the worst crime in history, they also take legal action against governments that are complicit in the crime.

THE PLAN – WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030

Alert! Once again, WHO and mainstream media are preparing to report a second pandemic.

TIME, like other media, collaborates with WHO and gives false information to the public. At the same time, it appears to be preparing the public for another pandemic ( second pandemic)

MAY 11, 2023 TIME: This Emergency Is Over. Now It’s Time to Get Ready for the Next Pandemic

Even Bill Gates stated that this was the end of the first pandemic and the beginning of the second pandemic, according to his bioterrorism plan.

THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. This is revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans. You will also see shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened. 

That the WHO had foreknowledge about the first pandemic is obvious from the fact that a few months before the outbreak, they instructed governments around the world to get ready for an imminent outbreak of a respiratory pathogen. How could the WHO know that a pandemic would start within a few months? They even knew what kind of disease it would be!  According to WHO virologist Koopmans, it’s a plan which they have had for many years… “This is the first pandemic” she added.

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Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017 

‘There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’ Called first pandemic.

In 2017, Anthony Fauci made a very strange prediction, with an even stranger certainty. With complete confidence, Fauci guaranteed that during the first term of President Trump, a surprise outbreak of infectious disease would surely happen. Here’s what he said: 

There is NO QUESTION there is going to be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.

There will be a SURPRISE OUTBREAK.
There's NO DOUBT in anyone's mind about this.

How could Fauci guarantee a surprise outbreak to happen during the first term of the Trump administration? What did he know that we don’t?

Millions of COVID-19 test kits 
sold in 2017 and 2018

The new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. That’s why it was named COVID-19, which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing:

In 2017 and 2018, hundreds of millions of COVID-19 Test Kits were distributed worldwide.

This baffling data was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. It went viral all over the world. The next day, on September 6, the WITS suddenly changed the original label ‘COVID-19’ into the vague term ‘Medical Test Kits’. But their cover up came too late: this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide. You can download a PDF that shows the original data of this website. There is also an archived version of the website, before it was changed. 

PDF Download:

A 2015 COVID-19 testing method was set to be released in 2020

In 2015 Richard A. Rothschild, a lawyer from London, invented a virus detection method, that was later labeled “System and Method for Testing for COVID-19”. Although it was developed in 2015, the date to release this COVID-19 test was set to the year 2020! How could this lawyer know in 2015 that in 2020 a pandemic would hit, where his testing method would come in handy? 


Song from 2013 predicted 2020 coronavirus pandemic:

The next bit of information is particularly interesting because it shows how much information is available, for those who dare to do the research. Back in 2013, a musical artist with the peculiar name of Dr. Creep wrote a rap song called PANDEMIC. Nothing special about that, were it not that one of his lyrics reads: (6)

‘2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking.’

How is it possible that in 2013 this artist could accurately predict a coronavirus pandemic to occur in the exact year 2020? The artist gave the following explanation: 



“They always start with a kind of storm, you know, a powerful storm. And there’s always this dark, thick rain, like fresh motor oil…The storm started and something happened. His face, his eyes were different”


“By the time they tried to evacuate the city it was already too late. The infection is everywhere”


The Virus is harvesting

What do you mean H7N3?

Begin life in a lab in the first war of vaccines

Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams

Reality, black death, smallpox, mutated disease

Flu-shot propaganda for all population and troops

Avoid the plague, it might have seeped into the room

It’s now airborne with firestorm

Signal our doom

The dead returns with a pissed off zombie mood

The sprinkler system equipped with AuAg

Where they round up survivors? In a cold facility

Watch the process of terror from the hill near the stream

I remain in a gasmask

I still filter my water clean

This isn’t past tense or the plague of Athens

Couldn’t be eradicated like smallpox in action

Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens

2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking


“The world is now at the start of the influenza pandemic”

“The State is rioting, using the street outside. It’s coming to your windows”

“Sequence the virus and determine its origin”

“It was a virus”

“Something in the blood”

“A virus which should be engineered at a genetic level to be helpful rather than harmful”


“This is sick like disease and can’t be cured”

“Few that remain that became stained with the bloodshed”

“When the smoke screen fades”

“Death disease”

“You feel a burning sensation”

“Nothing remains”


You have to act fast

Grab your gas mask

Bad disaster has passed

Anarchy, cataclysm

Stand guard please

Blast your big guns

Havoc’s begun

Viral outbreak

Tragic things done

Crowds renounce faith

Atrocious horror witnessed

Broke the hopes of optimistic

Scope is post-apocalyptic

Lone is harsh and vicious, gross and darker

Throwing darts blow apart the wicked

Foes know I’m sadistic

Cold, my aura is sick

Soldiers start resistance

Enemy troops in NBC suits

We shoot, then we regroup

Conquer weak with armed fleet

Bomb the streets with Dr. Creep


“The scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met”

“You need a doctor to tell you that”

“This virus is human”

“Radio stopped broadcasting. There were reports of infection in Paris and New York”

“The army blockades were overrun”

“What scientists know about this newer strain…”

“Decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert”


Source: Now this news, Stop World Control, Lyrics Sound

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