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Important Information for Parents: Denmark documentary reveals the harmful effects of the HPV vaccine ( Cervical Cancer Vaccine)


Denmark addressing Serious Side Effects to the HPV Vaccine

A remarkable Danish documentary sheds light on the severe adverse effects experienced by adolescent Danish girls following their HPV vaccination, which is currently being promoted as a preventive measure against cervical cancer.

This revelation raises important questions about the transparency and accountability of the global healthcare system.

“De VaccineredePiger” (“The Vaccinated Girls”) is a Danish documentary:

I strongly encourage anyone who have a daughter scheduled for the HPV vaccination, or those who know someone with a daughter due to receive this vaccine, to take the time to watch this Danish documentary. The film has a duration of approximately 40 minutes and includes English subtitles.

The documentary features an interview with a group of neurologists in Denmark who have persistently attempted to bring attention to the Danish health authorities regarding the significant rise in young teenage girls seeking treatment at their syncope (fainting) clinic. These doctors have published two research papers in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals, outlining their concerns about the occurrence of autonomic nervous system damage in young girls following their HPV vaccination. The documentary tracks the experiences of three girls from the clinic, conducts interviews with the doctors, and questions the Danish regulatory health authorities about their attempts to conceal the fact that the clinic had alerted them to potential issues on multiple occasions. This well-crafted and captivating documentary is particularly relevant for those who have daughters yet to receive their HPV vaccination, typically administered during Year 8 in school.

This Danish research and documentary replicates findings of serious adverse reactions amongst teenage girls in Japan following their HPV vaccination. Scientists and doctors from other countries (US, UK, France, Israel, Colombia etc) have also publically voiced their concern about the high number of serious adverse reactions to the HPV vaccination.

In 2015, a parent on social media shared the story of her daughter’s suffering after receiving the HPV vaccine:

My daughter became very ill 4 years ago after having her HPV vaccination. She had no previous health problems, was healthy, a competitive sports player, a dancer and a high achiever at school and had a great social life. 4 Years on and she has considerable health problems, mainly with her autonomic nervous system like the girls in the Danish documentary. Her education has been ruined and her dreams trashed and we have no idea if she’ll ever be able to cope with a full time job or career. She has received NO support and to mention the vaccine as the source of her problems is usually met with ridicule or hostility.

Please share this documentary on your social media accounts and anywhere you feel it will alert parents to the side effects of the HPV vaccine that are generally not publicised. Parents are NOT given the full information when making the decision to consent to the HPV vaccination.

And the research published by the team of Danish doctors:

DMJ [ ]

It’s also worth reading the following report from a respected Japanese scientist about the Japanese experience and the latest information and examination of epidemiological studies regarding the HPV vaccination globally. The relevant section is from Page 9 […] 1-4-25.pdf [ ]

Who exactly is behind the promotion of the Cervical Cancer vaccine?

Bill Gates-Backed Alliance Prepares To Fight Cervical Cancer In The Developing World

IN 1999, the Gates Foundation established the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention. Seattle-based PATH, a non-profit corporation, was the organizing partner of the Alliance. 

The vaccines, Gardasil from Merck and Cervarix from GlaxoSmithKline, were introduced years ago at a high cost (list price: $390 per course) but have been aimed at women in the U.S. and Europe, where cervical cancer is usually caught by pap smears. In the developing world women don’t have that safety net, meaning that the impact of the vaccine could be far bigger, preventing hundreds of thousands of tumors.

Additional Information:

Gates Foundation is causing more harm than good

Bill Gates-Backed Alliance Prepares To Fight Cervical Cancer In The Developing World

The GAVI Alliance, the vaccine delivery operation founded as a result of a 1999 meeting convened by Bill Gates, said that it will provide HPV vaccines to up to a million girls and young women through 2015 in a handful of countries; developing countries will have to apply to show they have a plan for distributing the shots. This program is planned to increase in scale to protect 20 million women in 30 countries by the end of the decade.


In 1997, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched an experiment in Mumbai 


Amidst Ongoing Global Crises, Gates Foundation Announces Largest Budget Ever: $8.6 Billion in 2024 to Save and Improve Lives

Increased funding includes support for health innovations that could save millions more lives by 2030

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND (January 15) – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced its largest annual budget to date as it works toward the goal of a healthier, more prosperous world for all. With global health budgets in decline overall, a portion of the additional funding will go toward advancing global health innovations that will save and improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, including newborn babies and pregnant mothers living in low-income communities.

The foundation’s $8.6 billion 2024 budget was formally approved by its board of trustees on January 13.

The budget, which represents an increase of 4% over last year and is a $2 billion increase over the 2021 budget, comes as global contributions to health in the lowest-income countries are stalling. While overall aid spending has leveled off, sub-Saharan African countries saw a nearly 8% decline in aid in 2022, even as they face growing needs and shrinking budgets due to debt and other financial pressures. The foundation has committed to increasing its annual spending to $9 billion by 2026.

To emphasize that many solutions are simple, portable, and already close at hand, Gates and other foundation leaders will carry backpacks in Davos emblazoned with “The Future of Health” and filled with examples of products that could save millions of lives. They include:

  • A package of tools that can save 65,000 women by 2030 from dying of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). PPH is the biggest cause of maternal death worldwide. The package includes a simple and inexpensive drape to better measure blood loss. When paired with interventions in a trial, these tools decreased cases of severe bleeding by 60%.
  • A one-dose HPV vaccine that helps protect against one of the most common cancers among women worldwide. Millions of girls in low- and middle-income countries haven’t received HPV vaccines, while most girls in high-income countries have. As much as 90% of cervical cancer deaths are in these countries. With a one-dose HPV vaccine, the barriers to vaccination are much lower, and efficacy remains high and lasting. Modeling estimates that more than 110 million cases of cervical cancer can be averted as the one-dose regimen is rolled out, in part through Gavi.
  • An AI-enabled ultrasound that uses AI algorithms to identify obstetric risk in pregnancy. This tool can save 390,000 infant lives by 2030 by helping health workers identify high-risk pregnancies in low-resource settings.
[ ]
  • Vaccine microneedle array patches that can deliver vaccines through the skin without traditional needles, a complex cold chain, or a highly trained health worker to administer them. Early trials show these patches deliver the measles-rubella vaccine as safely and effectively as syringes and produce a similar immune response. This can help protect the hardest-to-reach children.
  • A stack of test strips that reduce production and shipping costs compared to existing cassette tests. These diagnostic test strips can be made in the billions and shipped inexpensively, allowing for faster response in the event of an outbreak. They can also increase the number of tests available for diagnosing malaria, of which two-thirds of cases go undiagnosed.
  • Multiple micronutrient supplements that restore a pregnant woman’s nutrient stores that she transfers to her baby. Studies show the supplements resulted in a reduced risk of low birth weight (12%) and a reduced risk of preterm birth (8%), and even better results among anemic and underweight women. These supplements, which are available now,could prevent 425,000 stillbirths.

“The Gates Foundation measures impact in terms of lives saved and opportunities provided to the poorest,” said Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman. “This new high-water mark for our budget will further our mission to help create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.”


Source: Forbes, Netmums forum, Vimeo, Twitter-Image, Fortune

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