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The Universal Health Organisation (UHO) Open Letter: A call to repair two years of immense damage to science, with important current implications


The Universal Health Organisation (UHO) is committed to fostering a culture of scientific excellence, integrity, and transparency. The UHO Managing Committee in India has written to academics, scientists, and medical professionals, emphasizing the importance of fixing the significant harm done to science during the two-year lockdown.

  • Universal Health Organisation (UHO) Call for Scientific Discussion:
    • UHO urges professionals to engage in open scientific discussions on the scientific basis for COVID-19 measures, including lockdowns and school closures.
    • Questions the rationale behind restrictions on healthy individuals and the use of PCR tests for disease detection.
    • Highlights the need for accountability and a scientific reckoning regarding the impact of Covid-19 measures on society.
  • Concerns Raised by UHO:
    • Criticizes the lack of scientific evidence supporting lockdowns, school closures, and asymptomatic transmission assumptions.
    • Questions the rush to mandate experimental vaccines and the absence of long-term safety data.
    • Calls for a reevaluation of COVID-19 measures to prevent future injustices and restore trust in science.
  • Appeal for Scientific Reckoning:
    • Emphasizes the need for a thorough scientific debate to address the failures and consequences of COVID-19 responses.
    • Encourages professionals to reflect on the impact of pandemic measures and advocate for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Call to Action:
    • Invites comments and remarks from individuals to contribute to the ongoing discussion on COVID-19 measures.
    • Aims to prevent similar mistakes in the future and restore confidence in science and rational decision-making processes.

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