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Press Meet: Empowering India’s Health – UHO and AIM Unite in the Fight for a Stronger Future


Are you concerned about the current state of vaccine distribution and healthcare systems? Join us as we explore the latest press conference organized by the Universal Health Organization (UHO) and the Awaken India Movement (AIM) Team. During this event, they provided valuable insights into the shortcomings and obstacles encountered in combating the fabricated pandemic.

Important details were discussed during the press meeting on 15th March 2024 in Mumbai:

The UHO and AIM teams came together to address the pressing issues surrounding the distribution of vaccines and the overall state of healthcare systems worldwide.

The recent press conference held by the UHO and AIM Team in Mumbai has brought to light major alarming issues regarding the safety and efficacy of current vaccination efforts and the use of masks. During the conference, experts shared their concerns about the rising number of vaccine-related deaths and side effects, as well as the ineffectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of the virus.

The team made allegations that the WHO changed its definition of a pandemic in 2009 to more easily declare one for the H1N1 swine flu. It is alleged this was done under the undue influence of big pharmaceutical companies to trigger contracts for vaccine purchases. Several European officials investigated and found the 2009 H1N1 pandemic was exaggerated and constituted a “fake pandemic” that misallocated health resources. The WHO is accused of misleading the public about the severity and spread of the virus to benefit vaccine companies. The definitions of the pandemic were changed to no longer require a severe disease and simply one that spreads between countries.

To understand the WHO’s role during the pandemic, particularly regarding vaccines, let’s examine some key points. The WHO website states that the Covid IFR for those under 70 years old is less than 0.05%. Sero-surveys in India revealed that 60 to 80% of people already had antibodies before the vaccine rollout. Additionally, immune memory led to the production of IgG antibodies as the virus was not new. The European Journal of Epidemiology published data showing no direct link between vaccine rollout and the number of cases or deaths post-rollout. Interestingly, countries with higher vaccination rates experienced more cases and deaths, while African countries with lower vaccination rates did not see an increase in cases after a small rollout. This raises questions about the push for vaccines and whether the WHO is providing accurate scientific information. Some speculate that there may be pressure from pharmaceutical companies, similar to the Swine Flu situation in the past.

One of the key demands made during the press conference was the call to stop the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty. The team argued that such a treaty would only serve to further limit individual liberties and give unchecked power to the government and other authorities. They stressed the importance of safeguarding personal freedoms while also ensuring public health safety.

One of the most troubling aspects highlighted during the press conference was the growing number of vaccine-related deaths reported worldwide. Families have been left devastated by the loss of their loved ones, leading to doubts about the transparency of the health ministry.

We were advised to remain cautious about future “vaccination”. These vaccines have the potential to weaken the immune system and produce a spike protein, which can result in serious health problems like myocarditis, strokes, thrombosis, aggressive cancers, and more. Additionally, it is well-documented that mRNA vaccines can greatly reduce fertility in both men and women.

Furthermore, the team called for increased public awareness and education on the risks. They stressed the need for healthcare providers to thoroughly discuss potential side effects with patients before administering the vaccine, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their health.


The UHO and AIM Team websites have numerous records of these tragic incidents, with many cases of deaths being documented.

To access the details, please visit the websites that are listed here.



Qvive Editor: “Building a healthier world starts with you – remember, your health is your wealth!”

Overall, the press conference served as a call to action to protect public health and prevent potential harm from immunization efforts.

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