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Garlic has been found to cure any virus after injecting the world with an unknown substance


Garlic in Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) for Health and Healing

Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM)- Ayurveda is a Sanskrit Language word, which signifies “true knowledge of life”.

Garlic is one of the plant origin substances. Garlic is known as Lasuna, which signifies, the destroyer of diseases. The fresh plants of Garlic are used as an edible food substance and also the dried cloves are on ripening to alleviate the disorders rationally in TIM. Garlic is recommended as physical strength promoting, intellect promoting, and as an aphrodisiac to maintain a healthy state of life. Its properties like- unctuous, hot, pungent, and heavy have been described to alleviate skin diseases, intra-abdominal tumors, chronic rhinitis, hemicranias, epilepsy, fainting etc. Its continuous use causes internal hemorrhage. The medicated milk and medicated oil preparation are used orally as well topically.

NIH Report 15 July 2020, Potential Health Benefit of Garlic Based on Human Intervention Studies: 

Garlic is a polyphenolic and organosulfur enriched nutraceutical spice consumed since ancient times. Garlic and its secondary metabolites have shown excellent health-promoting and disease-preventing effects on many human common diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, blood pressure, and diabetes, through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-lowering properties, as demonstrated in several in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies. The present review aims to provide a comprehensive overview on the consumption of garlic, garlic preparation, garlic extract, and garlic extract-derived bioactive constituents on oxidative stress, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, skin, bone, and other common diseases. Among the 83 human interventional trials considered, the consumption of garlic has been reported to modulate multiple biomarkers of different diseases;..

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May 31, 2023, Australian garlic kills COVID-19, says Doherty Institute

Garlic might not just be good for keeping vampires away, but also COVID-19 and the common flu, according to new research being released on Wednesday by The Peter Doherty Institute.

* Greek garlic guru Nick Diamantopoulos is on a mission to make sure Australians never have to eat poor quality imported garlic again.📷 Photo: Australian Garlic Oil Facebook page | Simon Schluter

Scientists at Doherty have been researching garlic properties over the past 18 months and have discovered a certain Australian grown garlic variety demonstrates antiviral properties with up to 99.9 per cent efficacy against the viruses which cause COVID-19 and the common flu.

The world-first research, commissioned by the Australian Garlic Producers organisation, involved in-vitro testing against the SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza type A viruses, using garlic ingredients extracted from exclusive Australian grown garlic varieties.

The most efficacious garlic varieties and their extracted proprietary garlic ingredient are being commercialised. They will be able to be taken as a soft capsule supplement similar to vitamin C or fish oil and are subject to a recently lodged International Patent.

Dr Julie McAuley, manager of the Doherty’s high containment facility COVID-19 research lab, said the results were striking.

“We wanted to know if these strains had the possibility of killing COVID-19,” she told The Australian Financial Review. “I thought it might fail miserably. We blindly tested over 20 varieties. We found one of AGP’s products could reduce the infectious titre of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza by 3-log-fold (99.9 per cent). We barely detected any remaining virus genome, indicating nearly complete virucidal activity.”

Dr McAuley said the variety was tested across different sites to ensure the results were not related to the environment, nutrients, water or anything else.

“Garlic is known to be good for killing bacteria. It’s long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. People have been joking with me that it might help for social distancing too.”

Dr McAuley said she had been busy testing dozens of products and materials. That included gloves by luxury maker Cornelia James, which are made with antiviral technology HeiQ Viroblock and became a hit with the late Queen Elizabeth.

The Doherty Institute said that the result only related to one type of garlic and stringent clinical trials would need to be conducted to determine if the findings translated from test tubes to humans.

The CEO of Australian Garlic Producers, Nick Diamantopoulos, said garlic had been used for centuries because of its powerful properties.

Garlic has been used for centuries because of its health properties

“People have been taking garlic since the days of the pyramids, before Christ, because of the health benefits,” he said. “But there has never been any real proof. This research shows that some varieties are more powerful than others.”

The organisation harvests 100 per cent Australian-grown garlic from farms across the Northern Territory, South Australia, NSW and Victoria.

“The big discovery here is being able to extract this without losing any of the properties,” Mr Diamantopoulos said. “It’s great for Australian farmers. Hopefully, we will be able to export this overseas.”

Paul Guerra, chief executive of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which will host the launch of the research on Wednesday, said the discovery could be a big change and exported to the world.

“This is a perfect example of how industry, business and our renowned research institutions can work together to deliver a global game changer,” he said.

Source: Financial Review, IntechOpen, Twitter, NIH

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