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Cervical Cancer Vaccine – Should We Trust The Government Narrative?


Dr Maya Valecha, Gynecologist, MD,

by training Social and political activists.

Universal Health Organization, Committee member

Dr. Maya Valecha, MD(Gynae) based in Vadodara, Gujarat has been active in left politics since her student days. She participated actively in Nav Nirman Aandolan in Gujarat with a left perspective, Actively fought communal forces in 2002 & has been a staunch feminist. She did her research work on how women’s attire is oppressive.

She fiercely opposed slum Demolition without any opportunity for alternative residence & livelihood in Baroda and Surat and the struggle was waged successfully.

She left medical practice as a gynecologist by 2000 to fully get involved in socio-political activities.

From the very onset of the lockdown, on the one hand, she has been building public opinion for the Nationalisation Socialisation of the Healthcare system including the drug industry, and spreading the truth about Covid-19, on the other hand.

Our Union government has given top priority to vaccination against cervical cancer in this year’s interim budget. Since most people in our country have never heard of this disease nor are they aware of the existence of the associated virus, so Poonam Pandey had to die and get resurrected to make the names cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) familiar to Indians. However, the news and buzz that surely does not reach us is about the heated debate that is going on at present as to whether this new vaccine should be included in our Universal Immunisation Programme. Also, the news related to the death of children after taking this vaccine in recent years seems to have vanished miraculously from the internet. The news of the death of tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh (2010) due to controversial clinical trials of this vaccine and the report of the parliamentary investigatory committee (2013) that followed have been totally forgotten. Post-p(l)andemic, the burden of noncommunicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune disorders, etc is increasing at an alarming rate in our country. We can only estimate this rate from secondary data sources. Post-pandemic health-related data is totally missing in the democratic public sphere of our country. The government is clearly suppressing health data and spending the taxpayers money almost entirely on vaccines and a handful of communicable diseases. The Union and state governments are following the roadmap laid out for them by the Pharma companies who also dictate policies at the World Health Organisation.

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