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Cancer Is Not A Disease But A Business- Exposing Reality


What if Cancer is Not a Disease But a Cure.

Cancer is not a disease but a business, Sounds terrible right?

As Per Wikipedia, “Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.”

Cancer has become the most destructive disease of the century. It can affect anyone ranging from newborn babies to old age men or women. So, being so young doesn’t mean that you cannot get cancer. Have a visit to the nearest cancer center, and you will be surprised to see hundreds of young men and women fighting different varieties of cancer.

“Is cancer really a business?

It is an undeniable fact that pharmaceutical companies make huge amounts of money selling treatments for people living with cancer. So, Yes, cancer treatment is big business.

We are not blindly saying that modern medical science sees cancer just as a business. Even though it is a business, cancer sufferers do benefit from it. They are instant pain relievers, and cancer patients would suffer agonizing pain without them.

Whether it is chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery; all these are cancer treatment methods developed to reduce the intensity of cancer.

People representing modern medicine argue that “every year billions of dollars are being invested into cancer research, it is done to treat and cure cancer, not to make it a business”.

The hidden business within cancer research is explained in the below paragraphs, which will prove that cancer is not a disease but a business.

The word called cancer is a lie…

You might not believe this but cancer is not a disease; it is a business.

Cancer has become widespread; it has affected the old, young, baby, and everyone.

Sharing this wonderful post will expose many of the hidden hands of the world’s manipulators and annoy them.

How is cancer research converted into business?

It is very true that each and every year billions of dollars are being invested in cancer research for developing new and better treatments for cancer. A catch here which no one tells you is that none of these produced medicines or treatment options are made available to the public for free. If you need treatment for cancer, you need to pay.

This is how modern medicine and pharma companies get back the money that they invested. Along with the money they invested, they generated huge profits as well. A significant portion of the money we spend on cancer medicines and treatments goes into the pocket of pharmaceutical companies and research organizations that developed those medications.

Even though cancer medicines are developed for the betterment of cancer patients. It is an undeniable fact that “cancer is not a disease but a business”.

Behind the scenes of free cancer treatment

You might get confused by noticing free cancer treatment camps being conducted. Now, you might be wondering how could free cancer treatment be a business.

Most probably, such free cancer camps might be organized by charitable trusts or related organizations. They do provide free cancer treatment. But don’t assume that they got cancer-treating medicines for free. Even if we are not paying, they have to pay their suppliers (pharma companies) for the medicines they provide us.

We are benefiting from those free treatments, only because organizations who conduct these free cancer treatments are being funded by many like-minded people who are willing to do charity. This will go on until the funding stops. So, don’t assume big pharma companies provide you with free treatments.

Cancer is Business not Disease – Dr. B M Hegde

Rabbit-Tortoise Model for Cancer Cure (E)Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

The word “cancer” may mean death and suffering for most but not after knowing “Rabbit-Tortoise Model for cancer cure”. This book not only exposes the dark secrets of cancer industry, how the healthy people are converted into cancer patients but also presents a step by step evidence based strategy to get rid of cancer and escape the trap of the cancer industry.

How government provide free cancer treatment?

This is the same case with government-funded cancer treatment hospitals. Government Hospitals do provide completely free cancer treatments. It is funded by the government to help the people of their nation. Not funded by any pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma will get their pay in one way or the other. Here the government is paying for us, which indeed is our money (tax money).

What we can understand from the cases mentioned above is that pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations invest a massive amount of money intending to make a profit from them, but never for charity or the betterment of people.

No one in the medical industry cares whether the patient is getting well or not. They just care about the profit or money they make by selling medications that may or may not work in treating cancer. For instance, the application of the conventional chemotherapy method kills more good cells, than the cancer ones.

More surprising things is that cancer treatment medicines sell quite well since there is no scarcity of cancer patients. In turn, making cancer treatment a highly profitable business.

Are there any alternative ways to treat cancer?

There are tons of unexplored natural ways by which we can prevent and cure cancer. Before going into the cures, one thing we would like to tell everyone who is reading this is that “prevention is always better than cure.”

A hot-selling book named “World Without Cancer” written by G. Edward Griffin created huge waves against the cancer business and encouraged the use of alternative cancer treatments.

Dr. Harold W. Manner in his book named “Death of Cancer”, has stated that the success of treating cancer with laetrile is as high as above 90%.

Prevention and cure of cancer can be obtained by following specific strategies listed below.

  • Those who get infected with cancer should first try to know what cancer is. Do not panic, instead investigate the condition.
  • Eat wheat bud or wheat sprouts.
    Wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is a rich source of liquid oxygen and laetrile, which is the most active anti-cancer matter.
  • Laetrile is also present in the fruit stone of apples and apricots. It is the extracted form of vitamin B17 which is also known as Amygdalin.

Do you know that the book “World Without Cancer” has up till now been prevented from being translated into many world languages?

Know this: there is no disease called cancer. Cancer consists of only a deficiency of vitamin B17. It is nothing else. Avoid chemotherapy, surgery and or taking medicines with strong side effects.

You would recall that in the past, quite a large number of seamen lost their life to a named disease (scurvy); a disease that took the life of numerous people as well. And many people got an enormous income from it. Afterward, it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C. That means it wasn’t a disease (illness).

Cancer is also just like that! The colonizing world and the enemies of humanity established the cancer industry and made it into a business. from which they earn billions in income.

The cancer industry flourished after World War II. To fight cancer, all these delays, details, and enormous expenditures are not needed. They only go to line the pockets of colonizers, especially since the cure for the condition was found long ago.

The prevention and cure of cancer will be obtained simply through the following strategies:

Those who have cancer should first try to know what cancer is. Do not panic! You should investigate the condition.

Nowadays does anyone die of an illness called scurvy? No. Because it gets cured.

Since cancer is only a deficiency of vitamin B17, eating 15 to 20 pieces of apricot stone/nucleus (fruit stone) every day is enough.

Eat wheat bud (wheat sprouts). Wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is a rich source of liquid oxygen and the strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile. This matter is present in the fruit stone of apples and is the extracted form of vitamin B17 (Amygdalin).

The American medicinal industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production. This medicine is manufactured in Mexico and gets smuggled into the USA.

Dr. Harold W. Manner, in a book named “Death of Cancer,” has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile is as high as above 90%.

Sources of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)
The foods containing vitamin B17 include the following:

-The fruit stone or grain(seed) of fruits. This contains the highest amount of vitamin B17 in nature. This includes fruit stones of apple, apricot, peach, pear, and prune (dried plum).

-Common beans, corns(grains), which include beans, lentil sprouts (lentil bud) Lima (Lima beans), and peas. -Kernels: Bitter Almond (The richest source of vitamin B-17 in nature) and Indian almond.
-Mulberries: almost all mulberries such as black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry.
-Seeds (Grains): sesame and linseed (seed of linen/flax seed).

-Groats of oats, barley, brown rice, groats of block wheat, linseed, millet, and rye.
This vitamin is found in grains and fruit stones of apricots, brewer’s yeast, rough rice (paddy) and

Ingesting dishwashing liquids (used in the kitchen) and hand washing liquid (used in the restroom) bis the main cancer-causing factors so your eating of them should be restricted.

You will surely say that we do not eat them!
However, you daily wash your hands with hand washing liquid and wash your plates with dishwashing liquid.

The liquid is absorbed and will not leave the plate with washing. When cooking or eating food, the soap in the plate or dish gets attached to the hot food and so we end up eating the dishwashing liquid with our food. Even if you rinse the plate hundreds of times, that will be of no use.

Why is cancer so widespread in the 21st century?

Just think back 50 years of history, our grandparents lived a much healthier life until their death. Maybe they might not even be heard about the cancer disease.

But why cancer is so widespread in the 21st century?

To compare life from 50 years ago to now. Apart from the living conditions and the food we consume, not much else has changed.

Our forefathers lived a calm and peaceful life very close to nature. They harvested their food crops and fed on them, never used any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and all they ate was from organic sources. They never contaminated their farm fields, surroundings, or rivers.

Well, what’s the case today? Does anyone lead a peaceful and healthy life? No

Majority of the people’s lives today are hectic and stressful. 24 hours a day is not enough. They don’t even have their food on proper time, and eat whenever possible. Everyone is in a rush to make some extra penny, not even caring about their health or what they eat. And in the end, they spend all their hard earnings to regain the health they ruined for earning money.

Stressful living conditions and unhealthy food habits are two severe disease-causing facts. Changing these to a healthy way will be the best thing to stay on the safer side.

Source: Healthveins, Himbuds, Youtube,

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