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The Code of Democracy: Why Paper Matters in a Digital World | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.| Elon Musk | Rahul Gandhi


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supports paper ballots to protect election integrity, while Elon Musk warns against electronic voting machines due to potential human and AI interference.

Are electronic voting machines (EVMs) truly the best way to conduct elections? 

Electronic voting machines have become a common method of casting ballots in many countries around the world. While they offer convenience and efficiency, there are significant risks associated with their use. These machines are susceptible to hacking and manipulation, both by human actors and artificial intelligence algorithms. This raises serious concerns about the accuracy and legitimacy of election results.

In recent months, there has been a growing concern over the security and integrity of electronic voting machines. With the rise of advanced technologies and the potential for human and AI interference, there are fears that these machines could be compromised, leading to fraudulent election results. 

Recent events in Puerto Rico have shed light on the potential risks associated with relying solely on electronic voting machines for the electoral process. Glitches in the EVMs used during the Puerto Rico election have raised concerns about the integrity and security of the voting system.

Renowned advocate for election fairness, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has been vocal about the need for secure elections and the dangers posed by electronic voting machines. Kennedy has raised several key concerns about the use of electronic voting machines. He believes that these machines are vulnerable to hacking, tampering, and manipulation, which could undermine the integrity of election results. Kennedy has called for greater transparency and accountability in the electoral process, including the use of paper ballots and manual recounts to ensure accuracy and fairness.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has also expressed his concerns about electronic voting machines. In a recent tweet, Musk warned against the use of these machines, highlighting the potential for interference from both humans and AI. This warning has added to the growing chorus of voices calling for greater scrutiny and oversight of electronic voting systems. With the increasing capabilities of AI systems, there is a growing risk that these technologies could be used to influence or manipulate election outcomes without detection.

The issue of whether AI can manipulate elections is still a subject of debate. Although the chances of AI directly rigging election results are currently low, the potential dangers posed by AI-driven hacking cannot be disregarded. AI has the ability to identify weaknesses in electronic systems, which could potentially compromise the integrity of elections.

It is evident that as AI technologies advance, so do the methods and complexity of cyber threats. Despite the implementation of safeguards and encryption measures, the possibility of AI interference in elections remains a significant concern.

Prominent figures like Elon Musk advocate for the abandonment of electronic voting machines due to these risks, suggesting a return to traditional paper ballots as a safer alternative.

As the United States approaches its upcoming elections, the security of electronic voting systems becomes increasingly crucial. Recent incidents, such as those in Puerto Rico, highlight vulnerabilities that could impact the outcome of elections. The US must prioritize the task of ensuring that voting technologies are both dependable and resilient against potential threats, including AI-driven hacking.

Rahul Gandhi and Elon Musk discussion on EVM security: Allegations of fraud surfaced in Mumbai election

The recent Mumbai municipal elections have thrown the spotlight onto the long-standing debate surrounding the security of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in India. This time, it has gained international attention, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk joining the chorus of voices questioning the integrity of the electoral process. 

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has entered the debate on the security of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in India, labeling them a “black box” and raising serious concerns about the transparency of the electoral process. This follows tech billionaire Elon Musk’s recent call to eliminate EVMs due to hacking risks.

It was revealed that Mangesh Pandilkar, the brother-in-law of the winning candidate Ravindra Waikar, was booked for allegedly using a mobile phone at a counting center. The phone was reportedly used to generate an OTP necessary to unlock the EVM machine at the NESCO Centre, with the police sending it for forensic analysis.

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi expressed outrage, accusing the Election Commission of India (ECI) of negligence. She asserted, “This is a fraud at the highest level and yet the @ECISVEEP continues to sleep… If ECI doesn’t step in this will be the biggest election result scam after Chandigarh Mayor election and will see this battle in the courts.”


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