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PCR Testing is not accurate for detecting Bird Flu and CDC says one of the symptoms of bird flu is NO SYMPTOMS!!


Misinformation can be harmful and can undermine public health efforts. It is crucial to rely on credible sources of information, such as Qvive Network with the team of Experts from Universal Health Organisation (UHO) and Awaken India Movement (AIM), to stay informed about bird flu.

Qvive Network has been in touch with Experts from UHO and AIM teams for the past few years, providing the facts and right information about vaccine-related injuries (sudden or unexpected deaths). provides a comprehensive collection of videos that cover all aspects of vaccine side effects.

CDC Says Symptoms of Bird Flu Include ‘Having No Symptoms’

The CDC has mentioned that one potential sign of H5N1 bird flu in humans could be “having no symptoms”.

Public! Are you ready for the government to implement strict lockdowns, masks, and required vaccines to “protect” you from individuals who are said to have bird flu even if they show no symptoms?

“Illness in humans from avian influenza virus infections have ranged in severity from no symptoms or mild illness to severe disease that resulted in death,” according to the updated CDC “Influenza (Flu)” page.,disease%20that%20resulted%20in%20death.

In the end, the elites shut down the world in order to “safeguard” us from Covid, a virus they labeled as a frightening “severe acute respiratory syndrome” with symptoms that consist of “no symptoms.”

Surprisingly, according to the mainstream media, it’s being called a “coincidence”, a Bill Gates-funded bird flu vaccine for the H5N1 strain has just entered trials.

Gates is positioned to benefit from the crisis by issuing a statement about a global agreement to distribute the vaccine to developing nations.

This person known as a “philanthropist” who has publicly advocated for vaccines as his most advantageous investments, yielding a remarkable twenty-to-one return on investment, seems to have once again demonstrated an extraordinary ability to foresee the future.

New CDC head uses COVID-era innovations to tackle bird flu outbreak

Mandy Cohen, former N.C. DHHS secretary, leads federal response to the spread of avian influenza among dairy cows, farm workers

Using COVID tools

The CDC is better equipped to handle H5N1, according to Cohen. She said the agency has tests that can detect it, antiviral drugs to treat infection and “multiple vaccine candidates waiting in the wings.”

“What is also different in this moment are tools that we built for COVID, we’re using for avian things — like our ability to get real time information about what’s happening in every emergency room in the country,” Cohen said. 


PCR Test Now Being Used to Detect Bird Flu Is 97% Unreliable: Oxford Academic Journal ‘Clinical Infectious Diseases’

Will the highly inaccurate test method be used to justify bird flu pandemic policy and mandates as it was during COVID?

According to a publication in Clinical Infectious Diseases in September 2020, it has been established that the reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test method, which is currently employed to identify the bird flu virus, exhibits an accuracy rate of less than 3%.


The journal article[a] has come back into the spotlight as the United States and Europe start to take action to get or make H5N1 bird flu vaccines because the illness is becoming a threat for another worldwide outbreak.


Moreover, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently claimed bird flu virus particles were found in tissue samples taken from one dairy cow sent to slaughter at a U.S. meat processing plant.

However, the USDA’s testing for bird flu relies on the PCR method, which is inaccurate 97% of the time.

“The agency said it collected tissue samples at slaughter facilities from dairy cattle that were condemned for systemic diseases and then analyzed them using PCR testing,” Reuters [b]  reported Friday. “The testing does not differentiate between live virus or fragments, USDA said.”


PCR tests are said to detect viral genetic material by repeatedly amplifying and doubling the material being analyzed through cycles of heating and cooling.

Most American and European labs set this ‘cycle threshold’ (Ct) to 35–40 cycles.

But the 2020 Clinical Infectious Diseases publication discovered that as Ct values increase, the percentage of positive cultures decreased significantly, with less than 3% being positive at Ct 35.

Researchers tested 179,151 patients for COVID, of whom PCR results indicated 13,161 (7.3%) were positive.

Nasopharyngeal samples from some of these patients were collected from the uppermost part of the throat, behind the nose, known as the nasopharynx. 

These samples—which PCR testing indicated were positive for COVID—were then cultured, a process that allows a virus to infect and replicate in cells in a culture dish.

The culture process was used to verify or deny the PCR test results.

The cells were incubated, allowing time for the virus to infect the cells and replicate, indicating whether or not the virus was in fact present in the samples.

Significantly, the study affirms that “<3%” of these cultures were actually positive for the virus.

I say Overall these symptoms are not from bird flu but from Long term side effects of vaccine.

Long-term side effects of vaccines, on the other hand, are well-documented. These side effects can include fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain. In some cases, they can be severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily life.

What Are Symptoms of Bird Flu in Humans?

Bird flu infections in humans can range from no symptoms to mild cases to severe illness, according [c]  to the CDC.

Avian flu symptoms in humans can include:

  • Eye redness
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath or difficult breathing

Less common symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or seizures, according to the CDC.


In my perspective, I believe that the symptoms are not from Bird Flu, but from the long-term effects of COVID19 vaccines. CDC and WHO are now blaming it on bird flu symptoms to avoid talking about the vaccine side effects.

Long-term side effects of vaccines, on the other hand, are well-documented. These side effects include fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain.. same as bird flu symptoms. In some cases, they can be severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily life.

Final Note: The spread of misinformation about bird flu can have serious consequences. It can:

* Cause unnecessary panic and anxiety among the public.
* Pushed people for unnecessary toxic vaccines.
* Divert resources away from genuine public health concerns.

PCR tests shouldn’t be used to check for viruses because they can mess up the results. They used this test for the covid hoax, and now they’re using it to kill chickens for no reason. This is making it harder to find food, scaring people about bird flu, and making meat look bad.

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Source:NIH, Twitter, Qvive, John Fleetwood, Medical Dialogues – Image

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