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We Have The Right to Express Ourselves Freely And Express Our Opinions


As we all know that Constitution has granted us a various fundamental rights as a citizen of India. These fundamental rights are considered as a part of basic structure of Constitution and one of the most important part of Constitution of India. These rights plays a very important role in each and everyone’s life a citizen of India as it upholds the dignity and respect of a citizen living in India. There are broadly six fundamental rights which encloses from Article 12 to Article 35 of our constitution. Earlier it was seven but one of them was removed by Constitutional amendment in the year 1978. Right to freedom (Article 19-22 ) which gives us various rights such as right to freedom of speech and expression , right to education , freedom of moment etc

What is Freedom of Speech and Expression? 

It is one of those fundamental rights which are provided by constitution to the citizens of India it is considered as most important right as it gives us right to put forth our opinions regarding any topic or anything happening around us. It can be done by anyway like by the word of mouth ( mostly done by political readers and news anchors ) , writing ( done by authors and writers ) , printing ( done by news paper editors ) or in any other manner. Supreme Court of our India held that the freedom of speech and expression includes things like right to propagate one’s views , freedom of press , freedom of commercial advertisement etc. Freedom of speech comes under one of the rights which are granted to us under Article 19 of the Constitution

There was a time when the government and mainstream media failed to provide the right information regarding the Pandemic.

The True Information was released through other news platforms and many people raised their voices on the Covid Scam.

In fact, the government is now planning to even stop those true facts by saying “wrong speak”

As part of the next pandemic or climate change preparations, the mainstream media and government intend to make us watch and listen exclusively to lies.

Reclaimthenet, June 1, 2023: Canada Plans To Re-Introduce Its Online Censorship Law This Year

“The Greatest Perpetrator of Misinformation During the Pandemic has been the United States Government.” Dr. Marty Makary

Dr. Marty Makary shared the many reasons why it is obvious that COVID came from a lab in Wuhan during a House hearing on Tuesday.

The GOP-led House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic investigating the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off its first public event Tuesday.  Three of the event’s witnesses — doctors Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorf, and Marty Makary were invited to testify at the hearing.

Dr. Marty Makary shared the obvious about the COVID vaccine being released from a lab in Wuhan.

It’s a no-brainer that it came from a lab.  I mean at this point it’s impossible to acquire any more information and if you did it would only be affirmative.

Dr. Makary also shared important information on how public health officials lied to the American people.  They lied to the American people.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr shared this video:

Source: Thegatewaypundit, National Informatic Centre, Reclaimthenet, Twitter

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