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ALERT! We are at risk of being controlled again by WHO, working with the government through lockdowns, and other restrictions based on Digital Health.


Here’s why WHO wants Digital Health and Population Control:

The WHO will decide when you travel.

The globalist organization funded by Bill Gates will determine what’s best for your safety.

According to Bill Gates, Covid is the result of bats and climate change is the cause of its spread

Will Bird Flu be the next pandemic, as Bill Gates speculates, and will climate change cause its spread?

Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

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Watch Video Proof Covid A Scam 

Several questions are being raised by the public: if no virus has been isolated, then why should a PCR test be performed and why should a vaccine be administered?

Watch Video Proof Covid A Scam :

The UHO (Universal Health Organisation) never received a reply from WHO on Pandemic Agenda.

The UHO (Universal Health Organization) experts call on the WHO to clarify the Covid -19 narrative on the Qvive Network, and they urge the public to do the same.

The Pandemic agenda must be halted! Our goal is to educate our government and demand that mainstream media refrain from spreading misinformation to the public. It’s high time the government should listen to our Experts from Qvive Network about how to avoid spreading fear in the public. Whereas our Qvive continues to provide accurate information on covid agenda and we strongly believe in TruthHonesty, and Transparency.

WEF’s Schwab declared before this year’s World Government Summit: “We will definitely have to face other surprises, black swans.

“Maybe different kinds of viruses.”


Mint, 06 Jun 2023: Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Monday said all countries need to be adequately prepared for the next pandemic and must act with a sense of urgency. He was addressing an event related to the 3rd Health Working Group of G20 India here. 

Rajesh Bhusan speaks the same language as Bill Gates about the next pandemic’s urgency

Why is so urgent? What are they really planning? 

It is to bring Digital Health, Global System of Vaccine Passports for “Future Pandemics

They are PLANNING to simulate & test the treaty/IHR accountability and effectiveness.

Wake up Public! WHO Just Called For Next Pandemic Simulation Exercise Before End Of 2023. 

Below is GPMD CO-CHAIR JOY PHUMAPHI begging to consider holding a new simulation exercise. She asked at the beginning of the 9 day 76th WHA so we presume it was a topic of discussion off camera. Most of the negotiations were in private, not broadcast.

The end of the year is in 7 months, and it is noteworthy that she asked for the simulation to be held BEFORE the end of the year.

Last pandemic simulation exercise was Event 201. Jeremy Farrar is the new WHO Chief Scientist and the Head of Wellcome Trust. He was pivotal in Event 201.

Farrar is the guy sitting next to GPMD CO-CHAIR JOY PHUMAPHI making bizarre faces

Source: Wltreport, Dailysceptic, Slaynews-Image, Thegatewaypundit, CHD, Rumble,

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