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OUTRAGEOUS: YouTube Simps for Bill Gates and Deletes “Gates Behind the Bars” Music Video


In an age where content platforms walk a tightrope between promoting free speech and maintaining community standards, YouTube’s recent decision to permanently delete the music video for “Gates Behind the Bars” by Five Times August is the latest in a series of cancellations that the internet video giant has become known for. The song addresses Bill Gates’ involvement in vaccine rollouts and lockdown policies and also includes imagery connecting him to Jeffrey Epstein and other scandals from his past. This deletion highlights a glaring inconsistency in YouTube’s content moderation approach, especially when compared to the platform’s leniency toward other forms of explicit, violent, or controversial content.

“Gates Behind the Bars” offers a critical perspective on Bill Gates and his influence over global health policies. The lyrics paint Gates as a nefarious figure who exploits crises to manipulate public perception and control entire populations. The song video also touches on the idea that Gates is part of a larger network of powerful individuals. These themes are communicated through strong metaphors and evocative imagery. You can watch the video on X, which has decided not to delete the video:


The removal of the music video has raised questions about the fine line between artistic expression and misinformation. While the song’s message and imagery may be uncomfortable for some, they also reflect a form of political commentary that has long been a part of artistic expression. Critics argue that YouTube’s decision might inadvertently validate concerns about censorship and corporate control over the narrative.

Critics of YouTube’s decision point out the inconsistency in the platform’s content standards. YouTube allows explicit sexual content, violent imagery, and drug-related themes in music videos and other forms of content. The disparity between these types of content and the deletion of a music video that critiques a powerful figure like Bill Gates raises questions about the platform’s priorities and its role in shaping public discourse.

As debates over content moderation and the influence of tech giants on public discourse intensify, YouTube’s handling of the “Gates Behind the Bars” music video further underscores the need for alternative platforms like Rumble or Truth Social. 

Source: The American Beat, Fivetimesaugust, Twitter

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