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UHO: Universal Health Organization


UHO is a forum to ensure impartial, truthful, unbiased and relevant information on health reaches every citizen of the world to make informed choices pertaining to their health.

Motto: Placing People’s health in People’s Hands


To have a world society where people are healthy through natural means, making healthful choices, to have a right to seek healthcare with full freedom and liberty of their bodily autonomy.


UHO’s mission is the advocacy of public health principles and procedures; to play the role of whistleblower instances of violation, bring to public focus/attention issues concerning their health.

  • To identify/debate deviations from established medical ethics at the core of healthcare
  • To empower people to make informed decisions about their health, fix accountability of policy makers
  • To promote integration of the various modalities of health
  • To highlight primacy of health and wellbeing and through health promotion
  • To promote transparency in healthcare
  • Advocacy of people’s human rights and interests and well-being to be at the centre of public policy planning and implementation
  • Call for elimination of the disease of corruption and malpractice from the healthcare, highlight potential conflicts of interest
  • Critical appraisal of overuse, misuse of technology in medical and healthcare
  • Promotion of lifestyle medicine and holistic approach to health, rather than a pill for every ill

We at UHO question the mainstream Covid-19 narrative

1. Was Covid-19 a pandemic?

2. Is vaccine-induced immunity better than natural immunity?

3. Was asymptomatic transmission significant?

4. Does immunity correspond only to antibodies?

5. Are Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reported as they should be?

6. Do the Covid-19 vaccines prevent transmission?

7. Are the Covid-19 vaccines safe?

8. Are Covid-19 vaccines the only solution?

9. Were Covid-19 vaccine mandates legal or ethical?

10. Is WHO’s pandemic treaty warranted?

11. Was the PCR test fit for purpose in detecting Covid-19?

12. Did masks prevent Covid spread or promote anxiety spread?

13. Did lockdown save lives or crush lives?

14. Was censorship during Covid-19 management warranted?

UHO: A forum to ensure impartial, truthful, unbiased & relevant health information, scientific questioning and discussion

Propaganda is the virus, Debate is the vaccine

Do lockdowns save lives or crush lives?

Are coercive methods for Covid-19 vaccines justified?

Questioning the mainstream Covid narrative & beyond

All citizens, doctors, professionals are welcome to endorse at:

“I support the vision and charter of UHO, and endorse the method of open discussion and debate to promote transparency, empowerment, and accountability on matters related to public health”.


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