Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What is Illuminati? Watch the exclusive with Yohan Tengra


Yohan Tengra
Founder – Anarchy for Freedom India
Steering Committee Member – Awaken India Movement
Functional Medicine Consultant at iThrive

Yohan Tengra is an independant researcher & a functional medicine consultant, that has spent few years of his life in relentless pursuit of the truth, in areas such as Anarchy & Natural Law, Health & Nutrition Sciences, Austrian Economics, the Banking system, Geopolitics etc. Building on the work of giants and various schools of thought, he aims to make people come to an accurate understanding of themselves and the reality around them. Through his groundbreaking pioneering work, he aims to bring a mass awakening in India by revealing occult knowledge that has been hidden from the masses, and works to unite the people who have brought their actions in alignment with the truth. He presently works as a Chief Knowledge Offer at a healthcare company called iThrive, is the founder of Anarchy for freedom India, & is one of the founding core team members of Awaken India Movement.

India’s Covid-19 Task Force & “Experts” Exposed : Conflicts of Interest in Our Public Health System

Written, Researched & Compiled by : Yohan Tengra

How does the global public health mafia direct the health policy of nations around the world? In today’s conversation, James talks to Yohan Tengra of the Awaken Indian Movement to discuss Tengra’s article breaking down the Indian Covid-19 Task Force and how its members’ conflicts of interest relate to the decades-long takeover of India’s public health system.

Who Is Bill Gates?

India’s Covid-19 Task Force & “Experts” Exposed : Conflicts of Interest in Our Public Health System

HPV vaccine deaths: Parliament panel indicts PATH, health officials

Govt cancels FCRA licence of top public health NGO

NITI Aayog Launches Behaviour Change Campaign

A State of Fear: How the UK Weaponized Fear by Laura Dodsworth

Swedish company showcases microchip that can download COVID-19 passport status

Fact Check: Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines, and the Gates Foundation

Demonetization and You

Yohan Tengra: AnarchyForFreedom.in / AwakenIndiaMovement / Telegram channel


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