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TAKE HEED! Planned solutions for the world by Bill Gates. How dangerous is Bill as a Philanthropist?


Bill Gates’ world plans – It is the largest donation in history by Bill Gates in 2022.
Some philanthropists are doing far more harm than good with their donated millions despite the noble nature of philanthropy.

As a businessman, Gates’ approach to solving the world’s problems consistently focused on maximizing profits through toxic methods such as chemical agriculture, genetically modified organisms, and pharmaceutical drugs.

It is hard to believe that the mainstream media and governments do not see what Bill Gates is doing. They praise him despite all of his toxic methods. Is this Ignorance or deliberate?

We rarely find Gates promoting clean living or holistic health strategies that are inexpensive.

The Gates Foundation donates billions to private companies:

There is an article2 in The Nation on March 17, 2020, titled “Bill Gates’ Charity Paradox,” highlighting “the moral hazards associated with the Gates Foundation’s $50 billion charitable enterprise, which has received remarkably little government oversight or public scrutiny in the last two decades.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

As noted in this article, Gates discovered an easy way to gain political power — one in which unelected billionaires could influence public policy — through charity. According to Gates, his charity strategy is a form of “catalytic philanthropy,” in which capitalism is used to help the poor.

There is only one problem with Gates’ philanthropic endeavors: the most beneficiaries are those already beyond comprehension, including Gates’ charitable foundation. The poor, however, end up with costly solutions like patented GMO seeds and vaccines that sometimes have done more harm than good.

 The Nation reports (For a few examples, see the following references.3,4,5):

“Through an investigation of more than 19,000 charitable grants the Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, The Nation has uncovered close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies … which are tasked with developing new drugs, improving sanitation in the developing world, developing financial products for Muslim consumers, and spreading the good news about this work.

The Gates Foundation even gave $2 million to Participant Media to promote Davis Guggenheim’s previous documentary film ‘Waiting for Superman, ‘which pushes one of the foundation’s signature charity efforts, charter schools — privately managed public schools. This charitable donation is a small part of the $250 million the foundation has given to media companies and other groups to influence the news.

‘It’s been quite unprecedented development, the amount that the Gates Foundation is gifting to corporations … I find that flabbergasting, frankly,’ says Linsey McGoey, a professor of sociology at the University of Essex and author of the book ‘No Such Thing as a Free Gift.’

‘They’ve created one of the most problematic precedents in the history of foundation giving by essentially opening the door for corporations to see themselves as deserving charity claimants at a time when corporate profits are at an all-time high.'”

A look at how Gates’ Foundation benefits from its own donations:

In 2014, MasterCard Labs for Financial Inclusion received a $19 million donation “to increase access to digital financial products by poor adults in Kenya.”

The Nation reports:

“The credit card giant had already articulated its keen business interest in cultivating new clients from the developing world’s 2.5 billion unbanked people, McGoey says, so why did it need a wealthy philanthropist to subsidize its work? And why is Bill and Melinda Gates getting a tax break for this donation?”

Mastercard’s donation also benefited the Gates Foundation, increasing the necessity of investigating Gates’ philanthropy.

By the time of this donation, the Gates Foundation held substantial financial investments in Mastercard through Warren Buffett’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Source ABC News: Bill Gates topped The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual list of the 10 most considerable charitable gifts announced by individuals or their foundations in 2022

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual list of the 10 most considerable charitable gifts announced by individuals or their foundations totaled nearly $9.3 billion in 2022. 

The contributions went to large, well-established institutions, three private foundations, and three universities to support environmental sustainability, children’s mental health, and stem-cell research.

The other gifts backed cancer research and treatment, housing efforts, youth programs, and reproductive health.

Two of the gifts exceeded $1 billion, and six of the eight donors (one donor made three gifts) are multibillionaires. The combined net worth of those six donors is just over $325 billion.

Topping the list is Bill Gates, who gave $5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to back the grantmaker’s work in global health, development, policy and advocacy, and U.S. education. Gates, whose net worth is estimated at $104 billion, attracted attention in July when he announced he was giving $20 billion to the foundation he runs with his former wife, Melinda French Gates. However, foundation officials confirmed in December that three-fourths of that $20 billion went toward paying off the $15 billion he and French Gates had pledged in July 2021. The remaining $5 billion was a new infusion to the foundation.

Ann and John Doerr came in second with a $1.1 billion donation they’re giving through their Benificus Foundation to Stanford University to launch the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, an effort to tackle the world’s most urgent climate and sustainability challenges.

The new school will focus on eight areas of scholarship:

climate change, Earth and planetary sciences, energy technology, sustainable cities, the natural environment, food and water security, human society and behavior, and human health and the environment.

The new school will house several academic departments and interdisciplinary institutes. It will also be home to a “sustainability accelerator,” which, among other efforts, will award grants to researchers and others to develop new technologies in environmental sustainability and related arenas, advance new policies, and support partnerships.

Kohler II is followed by MacKenzie Scott, the novelist and Amazon co-founder, who gave $436 million to Habitat for Humanity International. The gift was unrestricted, as has been the case with most of Scott’s giving. When Habitat for Humanity officials announced the gift in March, they said they plan to use the money to tackle the global housing crisis and advocate for systemwide changes to increase fair access to low-cost housing for everyone.

Two additional gifts from Scott — $281 million to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and $275 million to Planned Parenthood Federation of America — also landed on the list.

The Chronicle’s annual rankings are based on the 10 biggest publicly announced gifts. The tally does not include contributions of artwork or gifts from anonymous donors. In February, the Chronicle will unveil its annual ranking of the 50 biggest donors, a list based on individuals’ total contributions in 2022 rather than individual gifts



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