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Over 60 Scientists & Drs. confirm Covid Vaccines contain ‘Toxic Substances’ that cause strange & dangerous changes to Blood


The German Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis has made its ‘Summary of Preliminary Findings’ publicly available. In a wide-ranging report, the Group described the toxic substances found in all Covid “vaccine” samples analysed and the marked changes seen in blood samples taken from vaccinated people.  The Group also found that the greater the stability of the envelope of lipid nanoparticles, the more frequent the vaccine side effects.

“In order to avert a direct and imminent danger to human life and public safety, we ask that the Covid-19 vaccination programmes be discontinued immediately,” the Group’s report stated.

According to WG Vaccines Education, this report was sent to all members of the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament in Germany) and then to authorities and media – a total of over 4000 people.

The Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis is an interdisciplinary working group that has undertaken the task of analysing the contents and the effects of the novel Covid-19 “vaccines.” The group is an internationally networked working group with a core team of more than 60 doctors, physicians, pharmacists, scientists, mathematicians, alternative health practitioners, lawyers and journalists.

The Group noted that due to the unprecedented political situation that they have found themselves in since March 2020, the contents of their report have not been subjected to the customary peer-review process. However, “several highly qualified colleagues in our international network have taken a critical look at our presentations and provided feedback.”

This summary is a preliminary, continuously evolving presentation of our research and findings on the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, as well as the effects we found on the human body and the blood in particular. The summary is intended for the public interest and to encourage further scientific discussion.

The Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis continues to work in close cooperation with several international groups that are carrying out similar investigations and who have obtained results consistent with our own. The results from our analysis of the vaccines can, consequently, be regarded as cross-validated.

There are questions that need to be satisfactorily answered by the vaccine manufacturers and, in Germany, by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (the agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health responsible for the regulation of vaccines in that country). Possible causal links between the vaccines and fatalities need to be investigated.Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.3

Blood Samples Examined

The Group examined blood samples from 48 vaccinated people.

The comparison of blood samples from unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals by means of dark-field microscopy showed noticeable changes in the blood of each person who had been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines. This was evident even if those people hadn’t at that point displayed any visible reaction to the vaccinations. Complex structures similar to those in the vaccines were found in the blood samples of the vaccinated. Using artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis, the difference between the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people was confirmed. Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.3

Using a small sample of live blood analyses from both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, they determined that artificial intelligence (AI) can distinguish with 100% reliability between the blood of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This indicates that the Covid-19 vaccines can effect long-term changes in the composition of the blood of the person vaccinated without that person being aware of these changes.

Crystalline formations were found in all of the blood samples taken from vaccinated people. “We are continuing to analyse these formations,” the authors noted.  The Group also observed rouleaux formations of red blood cells in all vaccinated samples and “frequently observed an unusually rapid disintegration of the different types of cells in the vaccinated blood.”

Below are a few of the numerous images included in the report. The image descriptions are self-explanatory.

Analysis of Vaccine Vial Contents

Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.14

In the first video below, a Zeiss Axiolab microscope was used to examine various batches of the Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNTech) vaccine. At the end of the video, some blood samples from vaccinated people are shown. Structures similar to those found in the vaccine vials were also found in the blood samples.

Comirnaty Vaccine and Blood Samples (14 mins)

In the second video, by way of comparison, two influenza vaccines were examined. The differences compared to Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine” is clearly visible.

For Comparison, Flu Vaccine (3 mins)

Vials of vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca were investigated using scanning electron microscopy (“SEM”) and corresponding energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (“EDX”).  The following predominantly metallic elements were detected:

Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.18

The authors noted that initial investigations of the contents of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Lubecavax, and Influspit Tetra vaccines using SEM and EDX have not so far shown signs of these kinds of contaminations and particles.

For those interested in the effects, on pages 19 to 21 of the report, the authors provide a brief medical indication of each element found as per the list above.  For example, the authors hypothesise that:

“From a medical point of view, caesium has no therapeutic value; on the contrary, one would have to assume that the addition of caesium disturbs the potassium balance and could cause vital cells (e.g., defence cells) to die in order to possibly accelerate the effect of the vaccination or to avoid endangering that effect.”

Additionally, using an inductively coupled plasma (“ICP”) was used to examine Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine vial contents. The authors noted that their findings should be verified by other groups as only a small amount of sample material was available.  However, in the Moderna sample, the Group found antimony.

Antimony (Sb) is a naturally occurring element and is defined as a highly toxic metal. The authors of the report noted that organometallic compounds of antimony have an antiprotozoal/antiparasitic effect. Pentavalent antimony (sodium stibo[V]-gluconate), for example, is used to treat the tropical parasitic disease leishmaniasis. Antimony is also found as an antiprotozoal adjuvant in previous vaccines. There are differences in toxicity depending on the chemical valence: antimony oxide, as it can be applied as a nanomaterial, is present in the pentavalent form.

The dose [in the sample of Moderna’s Covid vaccine] was not toxic in the results currently available. It is not yet clear in which valence the antimony is present in the tested Moderna vaccine. Official information about the occurrence of antimony in the vaccine, in general, has not been published so far.

Antimony can be used as antimony oxide in the form of nanoparticles. The official information on the structure of the nanoparticles at Moderna, however, points to a liposomal structure of the mRNA coating. There are no references to antimony.

[With] the currently available findings, the assumption remains that antimony serves an immunosuppressive effect.

With regard to the potentially toxic consequences, it is to be noted that the following should be considered as side effects of the pentavalent sodium stibogluconate administered directly into the bloodstream, as it most likely occurs in the valence in Moderna: nausea, vomiting, myalgia, headache, lethargy and ECG changes; with prolonged administration, pneumonia, blood count damage and liver dysfunction are to be noted. When they occur, more serious damage mainly affects the liver and heart. These are all clinical events observed after vaccination.Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pgs.28, 29

Stability of Lipid Nanoparticles

The mRNA needs a protective envelope to enter the cells. This protective envelope consists of nano lipids. The nano lipids are stabilised by layers of polyethylene glycol (“PEG”). The PEG is formed from chains of different lengths. The structure of a nano lipid particle protecting the mRNA is shown schematically below:

Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.22

Below is a schematic representation of a defective lipid nanoparticle.

Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.25

The stability of the lipid nanoparticle envelope is closely correlated with the incidence of vaccine side effects and injury. The more stable this envelope, the greater the amount of mRNA that penetrates cells, where the production of spike proteins then takes place. These results correspond with the findings of pathologists who have carried out autopsies on people who died due to vaccine injury. Spike proteins were detected in damaged tissue. Researchers suspect that the spike protein is, in itself, toxic. Summary of Preliminary Findings, Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis, 6 July 2022, pg.3

Source: Expose News

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