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German Government and Media Admit ‘Covid’ Vaccine Damage, Victims Tell Their Horrific Stories (Videos)


Why were the Covid “vaccine” risks clearly stated in the EU contract with the vaccine manufacturers in 2020, while the harmlessness was mostly communicated publicly?

Long-term symptoms can occur after a Covid infection but also after a Covid vaccination. Unfortunately, vaccine manufacturers are legally protected thanks to Germany’s government, and those affected feel deeply disappointed and betrayed. They fight for the correct diagnosis and treatment, the assumption of treatment costs, and the recognition of vaccination damage.

German news station ZDF reporter Susana Santina spoke to Selin Islami, whose vaccination damage was recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after a year. And with Christian Pülz, who also successfully but gruelingly fought for it in Bavaria for a long time.

Part One

The following segment describes the ordeal of Selin, a German high school girl who played vaccine roulette and lost. The chance that a healthy person in her age group might be made seriously ill by Covid was so low that it was, for all practical purposes, zero. Therefore, no responsible medical practitioner should have agreed to “vaccinate” her. And to make matters worse, she was pushed to get the second dose because she was training to be a dental assistant. What was done to her was nothing short of criminal.

Selin’ is far from the only person injured by the covid “vaccines” in Germany. A new survey reveals that over half of the Germans had side effects after the jabs. Young people, in particular, often state that they have/had serious side effects from vaccination.

Every second German has had side effects after the Covid vaccine. This emerges from a representative INSA survey with 1,700 participants. According to the survey, more than 52% of participants stated they had suffered side effects. More than 23% even report having suffered serious side effects.

This following video segment focuses on the plight of a lawyer who received the AstraZeneca “vaccine” and was subsequently afflicted with an autoimmune reaction that caused thromboses and a severe cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him with brain damage and permanent disabilities. The state of Bavaria recognized that the vax caused his illness, but AstraZeneca is exempt from any liability. Nevertheless, the lawyer has filed an unrealistic lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturer.

This film raises many critical questions: Why were the Covid “vaccine” risks clearly stated in the EU contract with the vaccine manufacturers in 2020, while the harmlessness was mostly communicated publicly? Or: Why did ex-minister of health Jens Spahn override regulations for Covid vaccines that apply to all other medicines?

Just recently, Lauterbach was questioned by a German news station about the incidence of severe injuries experienced by people who have been vaxed. The numbers have become so large that he can no longer wave them away and is compelled to acknowledge that such injuries are occurring. The former Health Minister even believes that Pfizer should pay to help victims.

This forces him to retreat to a fallback position: well, actually, the number of adverse effects is statistically relatively small, and besides, the former health minister lies claims it still “protects against very severe disease and… also reduces the risk of long covid.”

Many medical practitioners and scientists believe that the majority of so-called “long covid” cases are, in fact, vaccine damage from the mRNA shots caused by the body’s manufacture of the spike protein in large quantities.

One of the most notable things about this interview is that the former health minister is being grilled on public television by the press. The same media that maligned “unvaccinated” Germans and helped the government impose their tyrannical lockdown measures.

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