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Canada’s War on Whistleblower Doctor Exposing Covid Vaccine Damage & the State’s Money-Making Scheme (Video)


Watch the following exclusive interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe given blow, one of the first medical professionals to be hunted by the state after using the D-Dimer test to prove vaccine damage.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, a southern British Columbia-based emergency room and family doctor, was one of the first physicians to speak out publicly, pointing out the adverse reactions to COVID vaccination he had witnessed among his patients. But, unfortunately, he has paid a huge price for his willingness, to tell the truth in the face of enormous censorship and medical community pressure. 

In this exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA, Dr. Hoffe explains to listeners how he became an early whistleblower on the dangerous side effects of the mRNA shots. 

“We were told that this was safety tested. Normally, it takes five to ten years to say whether some new treatment is safe. And when it’s a completely new technology, they would need longer than that. This was completely new technology, so the fact that they rolled it out so fast gave a lot of people grounds for concern,” recalls Dr. Hoffe. “We were assured that this had gone through all of the normal safety testing, which, of course, was completely untrue. We were literally falsely assured of their safety and their effectiveness. And because people want to be able to trust the media and the government, they believed. But I had my doubts, and so I was watching carefully.”

Upon his return from vacation in South Africa, Dr. Hoffe first started seeing adverse events in his patients, of which close to 70 percent are First Nations, six weeks after receiving their first shots. “I immediately started to see firsthand, initially neurological problems. These patients had seen other doctors in the practice who were working there while I was away. And these doctors had simply just recorded this in their files and moved on,” recalls Dr. Hoffe. “I was quite alarmed that these people had serious neurological side effects that had not resolved, and they were showing no signs of resolution. And I was deeply concerned that these shots were clearly not as safe as we had been told and that other doctors weren’t even reporting them.”

The first signs that something was afoot were symptoms such as dizziness, ringing in the ears, light and sound sensitivity, weakness of various parts of the body, most frequently in the upper limbs – both arms – and in some people, electrical sensations like electrical shocks shooting down their limbs. In other people, it was persistent pain and various nerve palsy.

“I have never seen so many serious side effects from any treatment, let alone a vaccine,” said Dr. Hoffe. “Vaccines are a treatment given to healthy people to keep them well. There should be zero tolerance for causing harm.” Dr. Hoffe knew that 900 of his patients had received the shot. Within a week of his return from holiday, he was aware of six who had serious neurological side effects with no signs of resolution. So he decided to take action. 

He wrote a private email to 18 medical colleagues in the area, giving shots. As a result, he was issued a gag order by the local health authorities telling him not to say anything negative about the shots. In addition, he was threatened with an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and told that if he had any questions, they should not be addressed to my colleagues but to the medical officer of health in charge of vaccine rollout for the area. So, he complied.  

“I sent two letters to that person to ask them what I should be doing about these vaccine injuries. I asked, ‘Please, can you tell me what is going wrong? Why is this doing this to my patients? And how should I be treating this?’” He received no reply. So he decided to appeal to the provincial health officer in B.C., Dr. Bonnie Henry, expressing many of the same concerns and telling her what he was seeing in his patients. He also noted that he’d had one patient who had died suddenly, 24 days after his shot, for which there was no other explanation. “I was warned that our provincial health officer doesn’t reply to letters,” said Dr. Hoffe. “I was told by my colleagues it’ll be ignored. So you’d better make it an open letter.” So he did, desperately, trying to raise the alarm, given that there was a serious safety signal that was being completely ignored. 

About a month after Dr. Hoffe’s April 2021 open letter, a communique was sent to doctors to forbid them from speaking about their own clinical experience and scientific knowledge. They were not allowed to say anything to contradict the government’s position on the mRNA vaccines. “I think my open letter ruffled some feathers, that I was drawing attention to this safety signal. They considered it misinformation because I had also sent in vaccine injury reports on my patients.” After 14 such reports, Dr. Hoffe was told that these were not vaccine injuries, simply coincidences. “I was told these people just need to get the next shot. It didn’t matter how badly injured they were; they needed to get their next shot.” That was when Dr. Hoffe saw the big picture. 

“I realized that, obviously, there was a big cover-up happening here. It was absolutely astounding that doctors were no longer allowed to use their scientific knowledge or their medical acumen to assess what was going on in their own patients. This is not medicine. This is not science. This is medical tyranny.”

As Dr. Hoffe’s open letter spread far and wide, he received interview requests from around the world. This clearly riled the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and they promptly found a reason to suspend him from his duties in the emergency room, immediately halving his income. To this day, he cannot work in a government hospital for the crime of having advised against a second shot to a patient with natural immunity. 

Shortly after his suspension, Dr. Hoffe began to do some research among his own patients, surmising that the shots were causing micro clotting. A small sample confirmed his suspicions which he aired in an interview. Then, just ten days later, his town – Lytton – was destroyed by a fire, taking with it his medical practice and all his research records, including the laboratory performing the blood analysis that had led him to his conclusions, now widely corroborated worldwide.  

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has continued to persecute Dr. Hoffe. However, a scheduled disciplinary hearing was postponed indefinitely on February 10th

Accused of spreading misinformation among several other “crimes,” Dr. Hoffe says: “In Canada, more than 50 percent of funding for Health Canada comes from the pharmaceutical industry. So, Health Canada, therefore, serves the pharmaceutical industry, not the public, because that’s who pays them. And so, misinformation is anything that harms the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. This, of course, is a massive conflict of interest. And so, I think once one understands that, then one will understand how they decide what’s misinformation. Again, it is anything that harms the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.”

A clear example of how the system works is shown by Trudeau’s hand-outs of a billion dollars to every province in Canada that would push the VAX mandates. “These things are financially driven, and those billion dollars per province were not for buying vaccines,” says Dr. Hoffe. “These were handouts to grease the wheels. This is clearly an agenda to get everyone vaccinated.” 

As for the future? Well, it’s not looking very healthy, says Dr. Hoffe. Moderna has many more mRNA treatments in development. “The track record of the safety of it (RNA) is appalling. These shots have now killed and maimed more people than any other medical intervention in history.” A quick look at the Open VAERS database will confirm this, showing 34,450 deaths and 63,600 people permanently disabled.

“All of the pandemic measures were put in place under the pretense of keeping people safe; the masks, the social distancing, the lockdowns, the travel restrictions, on and on. It’s all about keeping us safe,” says Dr. Hoffe. “But yet we have the most unsafe medical treatment in history. And yet, they continue to deny it and ignore it. And try to cover it up as much as possible. This doesn’t bode well for the future.” 

Watch the following exclusive interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe, one of the first medical professionals to be hunted by the state after using the D-Dimer test to prove vaccine damage.

Source: RAIRFoundationUSA


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