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Dr. Robert Malone: Pfizer Recognized The Failure Of Their Vaccine Technology And Took Extraordinary Steps.


Dr. Robert Malone said he was “entirely emotional” after seeing Project Veritas’s undercover video in which a research director of Pfizer claimed the company’s scientists are talking about mutating the SARS-CoV-2 virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”

Who is Dr. Robert Malone?

Dr.Robert Malone was a vaccine scientist who became a staunch opponent of vaccines.

While working at the Salk Institute in 1988, Dr. Malone discovered important findings about in-vivo and in-vitro RNA transfection. He continued his work on the technology a year later at the biopharma start-up Vical where he conducted additional experiments. According to his bio, “The mRNA, constructs, reagents were developed at the Salk institute and Vical by Dr. Malone.” His research has also included important work on DNA vaccines. In addition to his fundamental work developing mRNA and DNA vaccine technology, Malone is also a medical doctor. According to his bio, Dr. Malone “received his medical training at Northwestern University (MD) and Harvard University (Clinical Research Post Graduate) medical school, and in Pathology at UC Davis.”

Few people are as qualified to comment on the course of the COVID pandemic and the mass vaccination campaign as Dr. Malone. In this important interview he shares his unique and deep insights on matters of critical national and international importance.

Malone markets himself as the “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines on his website and LinkedIn profile. His Twitter account, before it was suspended, said the same thing.

Malone contributed to important early research. A pair of papers he coauthored with two other researchers in 1989 and six other researchers in 1990 showed that mRNA could be delivered into cells using lipids and that doing so with mice could trigger the production of new proteins. The two papers were the first reference in a 2019 history of the mRNA vaccine technology.

mRNA vaccine inventor speaks out on ‘Tucker’ after YouTube deletes video of him discussing risks

‘The government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are,’ said Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone tells Tucker Carlson why his comments about COVID upset Washington bureaucrats

Malone also said the pandemic has made him reevaluate his political affiliation

Dr. Malone: Pfizer Acknowledged The Defeat Of Their Vaccine Technology By Resorting To Extraordinary Measures

Dr. Robert Malone on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ spoke about the development of the coronavirus vaccine and Pfizer’s ability to make changes to the vaccine as the virus mutates: 

“It it appears it appears that they are recapitulating done a exactly what was done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Malone said. “Right down right down to serial passage in their case, in monkeys, instead of humanized mice.”

“But the buried lead in this, Tucker, if you don’t mind, is the implicit acknowledge the implicit acknowledgment that they cannot construct vaccines fast enough. The virus is outrunning them and they’re having to resort to extraordinary measures. This is an acknowledgment of defeat of their vaccine technology and their platform and campaign. They’re saying that we have the to go so far out on the edge that we’re really crossing a line, we’re breaking the law. But we have no other choice because our technology is not meeting the need. We’re not able to produce vaccines fast enough to get ahead of these virus mutations.”

Dr. Malone shares his assessment of the undercover Project Veritas video 

Dr. Robert Malone said he was “entirely emotional” after seeing Project Veritas’s undercover video in which a research director of Pfizer claimed the company’s scientists are talking about mutating
the SARS-CoV-2 virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.” 

Dr. Jordon Walker, who was or is a Pfizer employee, stated in the video, “One of the things we are exploring is, why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could create—preemptively develop new vaccines?” He added later, “We’re going to consider that, with more discussions.” 

Malone told NTD Business that Walker’s statement acknowledges something quite significant. 

Malone said that the situation is like a “self-licking ice cream cone, where they create the problem and the solution at the same time and then sell us the solution once the problem either manifests or somehow inadvertently ends up in the general population, such as happened in Wuhan.

“This is profoundly disturbing. Even just the fact that this gentleman would joke about this is profoundly disturbing.”

Source: Fox News, TheNewAmerican, RealClearPolitics


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