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The eye-opening documentary “Manufactured Crisis” reveals the reasons behind the widespread HPV vaccinations and the significant negative effects linked to them.


“Manufactured Crisis” Film Exposes Motives Behind Mass HPV Vaccinations and Deadly Side Effects

Gardasil and Cervarix: The following is a preview of the Alliance for Natural Health documentary scheduled for release in early Autumn. It is titled, ‘Manufactured Crisis: HPV Hype & Horror.’ This documentary tells the heart wrenching stories of families from the United Kingdom, America, Spain and Denmark who have survived the aftermath of HPV vaccinations.

The families in this documentary have one clear message to parents around the world: “Don’t sacrifice your child’s health for the greater good – research the risks!”

A dramatic look at the so-called silver bullet for prevention of cervical cancer.  Something every parent should know.

A substantial new documentary film released online to audiences in the UK and across Europe this week, questions claims made by UK, Danish and Spanish health authorities that widespread administering of the HPV vaccine is both safe and a guaranteed means of preventing cervical cancer.

It comes at a time when – flying in the face of independent science – UK and European medical experts are proposing to extend the vaccine’s use from teenage girls, adding teenage boys and children below the age of puberty (1).

Manufactured Crisis: What they’re not telling you about the HPV Vaccine‘[a] exposes cases of severe, life-changing adverse reactions experienced by girls and young women following doses of the commercial HPV vaccines Gardasilor Cervarix – cases from which the public has previously been shielded.

Manufactured Crisis: What they’re not telling you about the HPV Vaccine’ is produced by Focus for Health and Freda Birrell and is directed by Tim Reihm. You can watch the hour-long documentary on Qvive Rumble

Recorded adverse reactions include severe disability, paralysis and even death.

Throughout Manufactured Crisis, victims and their families tell their own, often heartrending, stories.

The 60-minute film also features respected physicians and scientists who challenge claims over the HPV vaccine’s value. They say it will be at least another decade or two before we know whether HPV vaccines are able to reduce the number of cancer cases, including common forms of cervical cancer, and – if so – at what cost.

They also question the assertion, made by so many health authorities, that the balance of risks vs benefits weighs strongly in favour of vaccinating entire adolescent populations.

In fact, say the scientists, the case for mass vaccination is not clear-cut. And these decisions have been made without even considering alternate, proven approaches to prevention, notably screening and sex education (2, 3).

Manufactured Crisis is an Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) [1] production – made in collaboration with Sanevax [2], the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters(AHVID), the Danish Association of HPV Vaccine Victims [3] and the Spanish Association of people affected by HPV vaccine (AAVP)[4].





AHVID vice-chair Steve Hinks
President of SaneVax, Norma Erickson
Tim Reihm, the director of Manufactured Crisis

Read the full article at [–real-or-manufactured-new-film-release.html ]

Notes for editors

(1) and see comments at

(2) “The cervical cancer rate in the USA is 12/100,000. By Merck’s own admission, for every 100,000 girls that receive Gardasil you can expect 2,300 serious adverse events.” Norma Erickson, president, Sanevax.

(3) “If your daughter gets regular Pap smears her chances of dying from cervical cancer are 0.00002%.” Shannon Mulvihill, executive director, Focus for Health.

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Source: Vaccine Impact, Vimeo, Bit chute, Sanevax

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