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URGENT! Citizens sign a letter urging WHO to reject the Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments


Why does this petition matter?



The Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to the International Health Regulations are set to be voted on in May 2024, transforming international public health and emergency response. These documents, which are not publicly available, must be withdrawn and cannot legally be adopted at the 77th World Health Assembly. The treaty and amendments violate the rights of sovereign nation states and citizens, violating democratic principles and the Indian Constitution.

This is an urgent appeal from citizens across India to the WHO, rejecting the Pandemic Treaty and proposed amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations). The letter has been drafted by:

1. Dr. Amitav Banerjee, MD, Pune

2. Dr. Jacob M Puliyel, MD, MRCP, MPhil, Paediatrician, New Delhi

3. Dr. Donthi Narasimha Reddy, Hyderabad, Public Policy Expert and Campaigner

4. Aruna Rodrigues, Mhow, Lead Petitioner: GMO PIL in the  Supreme Court and Member Iridescent Blue Fish (IBF)

The Indian government and 197 other countries are urged to respond promptly by the end of May to oppose the aforementioned proposals. The aim is to prevent the WHO from assuming a position akin to a global health dictator. The terms outlined in the treaty are deemed unacceptable and violate the Indian Constitution, as well as the principles of democratic nations, including the USA. Further details can be found in the attached Letter.

We encourage all recipients to read the letter and consider signing it. The consequences of these actions are concerning.

Please ensure all signatures are submitted by Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Sign A Petition: https://chng.it/QVpv6nNwHY

The WHO  for the attention of the Director General etc 
— April 2024

Dear Sir,

This is a citizens’ sign-on,  on the “outcome products” of the Working Group of the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) and the INB (international Negotiating Body), which are still being finalized, but which nevertheless, are finally to be submitted in May of this year to the 77th WHA (World Health Assembly). We respond as follows:

1. The Final Documents are not available for public scrutiny, They are still fluid, under secretive discussion, and therefore, not complete

In May of this year, two documents, The Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that will transform international public health and the way Member States interact when the Director General of WHO declares an emergency,  are to be voted on. These are intended to be legally binding and govern the relationship between nation-states and the WHO.

Yet, it is indeed curious that a process of submission is being finalised by the WHO when the public is still in the dark about the clauses to be agreed upon. Indeed, the inextricably interlinked documents of the ‘Treaty’ and the Amendments to the IHR are not in the public domain, are still being addressed and in secret. Therefore, both documents, the Pandemic Treaty and the IHR must be withdrawn. 

2. The WGIHR’s non-compliance with the IHR excludes a lawful adoption at the 77th WHA 

Article 55(2) IHR, mandates the following:  

‘The text of any proposed amendment shall be communicated to all States Parties by the Director-General at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration.’

Therefore, both the Pandemic treaty and the IHR Amendments, which have not been finalized as yet, cannot legally be adopted at the 77th WHA. 

3. The WHO plans its new role:  The past role of the WHO has been strictly advisory, adhering to and abiding by the sovereignty of nation–states. 

The Indian Parliament is bound to sovereignty clauses that protect the rights of its citizens, as laid down in its Constitution.  However, the Pandemic Treaty and the Amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations), in content and direction, trample on the rights of Sovereign Nation States and their citizens.

Furthermore, they contravene the Nuremberg Code of 1947, the landmark document defining medical and research ethics as well as the Geneva Convention of 1949 and their additional protocols of 1977 and 2005. 

Examples of Articles of the IHR Amendments that militate against democratic principles, including the right to self-governance, of all democratic Nation States and are Ultra Vires of the Indian Constitution are below.

4.  Vaccines Authorized by the WHO for Emergency Use: (Annex 6)

* Requiring “vaccines”, especially those that are authorized for emergency use is UNACCEPTABLE. 

5.  Making Non-State Actors Comply With Public Health Measures: (Article 42)

* Coercing “non-state actors” to comply with government dictates is UNACCEPTABLE.

6.  Proliferation of Pathogens with Pandemic Potential:(Article 44 and Annex 1)

* Facilitating the proliferation of pathogens with pandemic potential and their genetic sequence data through a Pathogen Access and Benefits Sharing system is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. 

7.  National IHR Authority: (Article 4 and Article 44-e)

* Requiring that we allocate human and financial resources and adjust our national laws by creating a National International Health Regulations Authority is UNACCEPTABLE.

8.  Disclosure of Personal Data: (Article 45)

* Allowing the public disclosure of private data is UNACCEPTABLE.

9.  Censorship: (Annex 1-c-vi and Annex 1-5-vil)

* Attempting to limit freedom of speech and freedom of expression under the guise of countering misinformation and disinformation is UNACCEPTABLE.

10.  WHO’s conflict of interest: Finally, the WHO is fuelled by a massive Conflict of Interest that effectively derails it. Its revenue streams accrue from thousands of vaccine patents held by them. Bill Gates, who is invested in every COVID-19 vaccine,  is the No 1 funder through his multiple funding ‘arms’ contributing to $ US 1 billion of its 4.84 billion biennial budget. Its budget is tied to specific projects, countries or regions, which are dictated by the funders. The WHO operates within a biopharmaceutical complex, a complicated syndicate that has formed over time. This means that the bio-pharmaceutical complex along with Bill Gates are in control, and instruct world health policies to promote and maximise instead, their private profiteering interests.  The ‘Treaty, and the IHR clauses (see Para 3) are clear evidence of these matters. 

If for no other reason, then this egregious conflict of interest means that the WHO has lost all semblance of trust. Legally and ethically, on its own, this conflict of interest must bar the WHO, disqualify it from exercising any role in public health, world-wide. There is no option but, to EXIT THE WHO ENTIRELY.  

11. Concluding Comment: Given the evidence of this letter-doc by Indian citizens, We, the People of India cannot endorse the inter-linked, parallel documents of the Pandemic Treaty and the Amendments to the IHR, which must be withdrawn. As the evidence justifies, we are further advising our government to exit the WHO immediately. 

We acknowledge the work of James Roguski and his team. We are also indebted to scores of others, who have been throwing light on the undemocratic ambitions of the WHO.

Thank you!

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Source: Change.org

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  1. I appeal to the government of India not to sign this treaty with WHO, bcz they are hand in glove with the Pharmaceutical industry mafias & the Elites,
    We Indians voted for this government not to allow any of such authority to be implemented by them in our country INDIA. If it signed up by our government then we will become slaves to the system they are very soon to adopt in the future.
    I humbly request the people in the government should ban the WHO completely


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