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Protecting Our People: ILHRAA’s Urgent Appeal to the Indian Council of Medical Research on Safeguarding Citizens from COVID-19 Vaccine Risks, Including Myocarditis


A letter written by the Indian Lawyers and Human Rights Activists’ Association (ILHRAA) to the Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research regarding warning Indians about potential adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines like myocarditis and providing data from other countries where certain vaccines were banned or limited due to safety concerns.

The letter on the first page contains the following information:

® सत्यमेवजयते

Indian Lawyers and Human Rights

Activists’ Association (ILHRAA)

Regional Office: 11, Kembros Ind Estate, Sonapur Lane, Bhandup (W)



Date 18-7-2023

Dr. Rajiv Bahl,

Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research

Delhi India


1. Mail sent on 17th July for giving warning to Indians of vaccine induced heart attacks and cardiac arrests and blood clots.

2. Criminal writ petition No 6151 of 2021 of Smt Kiran Yadav Versus the state of Maharashtra & others.

3.Smt Kiran Yadav IA (St) 12276 of 2023 wherin world over data and peer reviwed research and various other proofs are submitted of heart attacks, cardiac arrests by myocardial infraction and strokes due to covishield vaccine.

Dear Sir,

Myself National Steering Committee member of Awaken India Movement with reputed MD doctors and civil society reputed activists are meeting you personally today to submit peer-reviewed research and proofs of Myocarditis deaths happening due to COVID-19 vaccines.

21 European countries initially banned Astrazeneca and subsequently started above 40 years, 5 nations completely banned it. Nations like Japan have already warned their citizens a year back of Myocarditis, Canada stopped AstraZeneca doses after huge ADRS, the UK govt stopped Astrazeneca firstly under 40 years of age and then completely due to huge reporting of ADRs and then subsequently has not approved AstraZeneca for boosters and so on.

Natural Immunity has been proven to be 2700 times better than vaccine immunity. Why is This important factor hidden from Indians?

In spite of so much ADRS reported worldwide why ICMR is still recommending Covishield vaccine for Covid -19. (Astrazeneca).

Download the letter -Page 1:

Source: Twitter

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