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It’s Finally Here: Celia Farber’s book, “SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS: An Uncensored History of Aids”, has been released.


Celia Farber’s Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of Aids

From the book:

“On April 23, 1984, in a packed press conference room in Washington, DC, the secretary of health and human services declared, “The probable cause of AIDS has been found.” By the next day, “probable” had fallen away, and the novel retrovirus later named HIV became forever lodged in global consciousness as “the AIDS virus.”

Celia Farber, then an intrepid young reporter for SPIN magazine, was the only journalist to question the official narrative and dig into the science of AIDS. She reported on the “evidence” that was being continually cited and repeated by health officials and the press, the deadliness of AZT, and Dr. Fauci’s trials on children, infants, and pregnant mothers. Throughout, Faber’s reportage was largely ignored. She was maligned, maliciously attacked and ultimately canceled.

Now, forty years after her original reporting, Farber’s Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS is reissued with a new foreword by Mark Crispin Miller, shining a much-needed light on her groundbreaking work once again. More relevant than ever, this book serves as an essential foundation to understanding its catastrophic sequel: COVID-19. Serious Adverse Events makes clear that the tactics employed at the height of HIV/AIDS―the fearmongering, cancel culture, and “woke” takeover of science, medicine, and journalism―persist today. The response to COVID-19 isn’t new: it is a well-trod and dangerous path in the social landscape.”

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“I was astonished to discover Celia Farber’s work on the lost history of AIDS, including her extraordinarily troubling investigation of Dr. Fauci’s murderous experiments on children.

Farber’s research gives context to the Covid catastrophe, which she all but predicted. Despite the medical cartel’s brutal crusade to silence and vilify her, Farber never compromised. I have found no missteps in her analysis, and I’m happy she has lived to experience her own utter vindication. I also love her writing style.”
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Celia Farber gives us journalism as it was before its untimely demise, digging deep, bravely taking on the most glorified sacred cows of our time. Remember when there were at least two sides to every story? Celia lives that truth and takes us along on her journey.”
Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fear; security specialist

“If you want to understand the real history of AIDS and why it mattered, Celia Farber is the main journalist who bore witness to it all, and took the blows accordingly. Her book is essential reading.”

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, founder of AHRP (Association of Human Research Protections)

“Celia Farber is the most insightful and authoritative investigative journalist on the subject of AIDS. No one has better documented the real story behind this phenomenon: the tragic human toll and the collateral damage exacted by a greedy, unethical, and vengeful medical and activist mafia cartel. Until they came after me, under Anthony Fauci’s silent order, I would never have believed it. The global AIDS apparatus is driven by lies, violence, and a perversion of the good.”
Jonathan Fishbein, MD, NIAID and DAIDS federal whistleblower

“When you read this book—and you must—you venture into the world of a major writer, Celia Farber, and you meet mysteries you’ve never encountered before. The facts themselves are clear and undeniable, but what Celia does with them brings you to another planet, which is Earth as it should be. Where the truth is not only seen but felt. That’s the mystery. That’s what a great writer can do. You’re there. You’re walking beside her, and you wonder how you could have avoided this place for so long. When this is the place you’ve wanted to be.”
Jon Rappoport, author of The Matrix Revealed; editor,

Celia Farber’s career began at Spin magazine… She’s written for Esquire, Harper’s, Rolling Stone and more. In recent times, she’s written for Uncover DC, The Epoch Times, and her work can be found at her lively, raucous and very interactive Top 50 substack, “The Truth Barrier” which can be found here:

Celia says “I went from being a ghost of journalism, to being somebody whose experience is now of great interest. I came out of the underbelly of American journalism. I came to this country as a foreigner, not understanding how it works. American journalism is basically a pathology. If you’re factually correct, you have to be destroyed. If you are politically correct, you can do anything you want.”

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Additional Information:

Celia Farber is an investigative print reporter who staked out one of the most dangerous and unpopular stories of the last century: How the US government uses imaginary “viruses” as instruments of psychological terror, war, and profit.

At SPIN Magazine, in the late 80s and 90s, her regular dispatches on the obscure war between the emerging AIDS industry and lobby, and the purist scientists who insisted HIV was not the cause of AIDS, caused storms, lawsuits, as well as threats and attempts on her life. But Celia soldiered on, and wrote a book in 2006 that has just been updated and is being re-released in March of 2023. The book is called “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS”. It reads like a mystery novel, and what she had uncovered then, has become almost mandatory reading now; Maybe the world wasn’t ready to hear what Celia had to say then, but they are listening now.  Perhaps Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said it best when he recently said: “… Farber’s research give context to the Covid catastrophe which she all but predicted. Despite the medical cartel’s brutal crusade to silence and vilify her, Farber never compromised. I have found no missteps in her analysis, and I’m happy she has lived to experience her own utter vindication.” It is little wonder then, that Celia and her work have been quoted in RFK Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, as well as being prominently featured in interviews in the documentary of the same name. 

In this video, I interview journalist Celia Farber about her recently republished book, “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS.” As a young reporter working for SPIN magazine, Farber started questioning the official narrative around AIDS, and this book is the outgrowth of her decades-long investigation into and writing about this “hot potato” topic.

Journalist Celia Farber is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS.” In it, she highlights the work of virologist and retrobiologist Peter Duesberg, who since 1987 has insisted that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

According to Duesberg, retroviruses such as HIV are harmless and do not cause disease. And, up until Dr. Robert Gallo claimed he’d discovered HIV in his laboratory in 1984, and determined that it caused AIDS, this was the scientific consensus.

Duesberg was vehemently attacked by AIDS researchers and activists, and internationally discredited by media for not going along with the AIDS narrative promoted by the medical establishment, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As with COVID-19, one of the key tools used to promote the “HIV causes AIDS” narrative was the use of the PCR test. There are also other similarities to what happened with COVID, including the vilification and discrediting of scientists and therapies that could effectively address the disease.

Bactrim was an inexpensive generic drug that effectively treated AIDS-related pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which was frequently fatal. This drug, like ivermectin, was withheld. Instead, Fauci insisted AIDS patients be treated with AZT, a horrendously toxic and expensive cancer drug that was never proven to work, and which killed an estimated 300,000 AIDS patients, most of them gay men.

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