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The Bird Flu Hoax is being used to create fear and profit for the pharmaceutical industry.


The “Bird Flu Pandemic” scare has been used to make people scared sometimes and to blame small farmers who raise their chickens on grassy fields. They are different from the big commercial farms that keep their animals in big buildings.

President George W. Bush was the very first person to announce a “Bird Flu Pandemic” in 2006. He gave scary warnings about the danger that was coming and because of that, the government gave a lot of money to create a new flu shot that had this new “virus” in it.

The pandemic didn’t happen, but some people still made a ton of cash from it. They targeted small chicken farmers to help out the big poultry companies.

In India, it is often observed that most of the planned bird flu outbreaks occur during the monsoon season and after summer begins.

In 2015, during Obama’s time as president, the “Bird Flu Pandemic” made a comeback. They started getting rid of poultry, especially in Iowa, the state known for producing lots of eggs. By calling it a “pandemic,” they were able to scare people and take action. But in the end, nothing major happened except for poultry farms losing money and vaccine companies making a profit.

So here we are in 2022, just coming out of the largest and most successful “pandemic” ever, COVID-19. It made a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industry, but it also caused a lot of problems for regular people and their jobs. Now they’re talking about another pandemic called “Bird Flu” to scare us even more and make even more money for Big Pharma. They also want us to stop eating meat and switch to a plant-based diet to “save the planet.” It’s all part of a plan by the Globalists to control everything and make even more profits.

Robert Redfield, who used to be the head of the CDC during Donald Trump’s presidency, recently said that this upcoming “pandemic” will be even more severe than COVID. This just goes to show that these so-called “pandemics” are always predicted by the Globalists before they even occur, as if they have some kind of magical powers to foresee the future.

Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield in 2022 predicted an imminent bird flu pandemic[3] with 10-15% mortality that would be “much worse than COVID.”

Former CDC director Robert Redfield: Bird flu is the real pandemic – Covid-19 was just practice

— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) April 10, 2022

(Twitter removed the video clip, but we had it saved and it is now on our


But just like COVID, it’s all about making a big fuss and scaring people, even though there’s not much to it. This one is an old story that keeps getting repeated.

The CDC says there’s no evidence that bird flu can pass to people.

Without a doubt, they will devise a fresh “variant” that they will assert has the ability to infect individuals and employ the identical fraudulent PCR test to “validate” their claims. Presently, they have the ‘FLiRT’ variant.

Kit Knightly from Off-Guardian has crafted an excellent article employing straightforward reasoning to dismantle the lies and exaggerated claims.

Kit Knightly of Off-Guardian has written a nice piece using simple logic to cut through the lies and hype.

Bill Gates Called For A ‘Universal Flu Vaccine,’ Now The CDC Director Says The Organization Is ‘Activated’ After Issuing Bird Flu Alert


Plannedemic 3.0: WHO is going back to talking about the Bird Flu Hoax. They are trying to push a fake bird flu to make a Pandemic Treaty by May 31st.

Plannedemic 3.0, and Plannedemic 2.0 were involved in the MonkeyPox Emergency, which is referred to as the bird flu hoax.This bird flu hoax was discussed by Dr. Joseph Mercola in his 2009 book and was previously shared on Nuremberg 2.0 ( in 2023.

‘We are getting dangerously close’ to a pandemic

In 2009, Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote “The Great Bird Flu Hoax [1]: The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know About the ‘Next Big Pandemic,’” detailing then-President George Bush’s spending of over $7 billion based on a prediction of 2 million American deaths from bird flu, only to have no one in the U.S. die.


In his article[2] today on the topic, Mercola recounted the 2014-2017 bird flu hype that again claimed no human victims.


The bird flu outbreak is not real.

That should be everyone’s starting point – with everything, really – assume the media is lying and wait for them to prove they’re not.

Always doubt the press.


Especially when the fates seem to converge and every single item in the “news” herds public opinion in the same direction and serves the same agenda

…which bird flu definitely does.

Food shortages. Soaring poverty. Rationing. The cost of living crisis. They’re all part of the Great Reset agenda.

In pursuit of that agenda, over the last two years, they destroyed small businesses and wrecked the economy, they have driven truckers out of work and broken supply lines, they have started a war between two of the biggest exporters of wheat in the world and driven up the price of petrol and natural gas.

Bird flu fits this pattern perfectly. The price of poultry and eggs is set to skyrocket…and just days before Easter.

We know they just faked a pandemic in humans. You think they can’t – or won’t – do the same for chickens?

Now, maybe some of you still have faith in the headlines, maybe you haven’t developed that spidey sense that lets you just know when something is total bollocks. And maybe we should make an argument, lest we fall victim to the “fact-checkers”.

So, let’s talk evidence for a quick minute.

First, let’s talk about how the US government “detects” bird flu outbreaks.

According to an article in the Conversation [emphasis added]:

To detect [avian influenza], the US Department of Agriculture oversees routine testing of flocks done by farmers and carries out federal inspection programs to ensure that eggs and birds are safe and free of virus […] using molecular diagnostics such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests – the same method labs use to detect COVID-19 infections.

The USDA does routine testing of poultry farms using PCR tests.

Remind you of anything?

Second, let’s talk about how world governments are handling the “crisis”.

The mainstream media are reporting a “deadly” bird flu outbreak, The Guardian claims [emphasis added]:

US officials believe nearly 24m poultry birds, mostly chickens and turkeys, have died of flu since virus strain identified in February

All mainstream outlets are taking the same line – reporting million of birds dying of flu.

However, The Conversation article quoted above says [emphasis added]:

As of early April, the outbreak had CAUSED THE CULLING of some 23 million birds from Maine to Wyoming”

And this article in The Scientist claims [again, emphasis added]…

So far this season, tens of millions of birds have died of disease OR BEEN CULLED

So, there is some inconsistency here. Essentially, we don’t know how many died of “bird flu”, or how many were culled with “bird flu”.

Sound familiar?

Now, let’s do some simple math to try and clear up the confusion.

We know the press are reporting roughly 24 million poultry deaths in the US.

We know Wisconsin farmers have culled 2.7 million chickens [a] to “stop the spread”.


And we know Iowa, the USA’s leading producer of eggs, has culled over 13 million chickens [b].


Well, that’s already 16 million out of our 24 million. Or 67% of the alleged total “killed by the flu” in the US.

So, at least two thirds of the dead birds – and potentially all of them – were killed in culls, and NOT by the flu at all.

And that’s just the US numbers. Other countries are culling too.

France has had two huge culls of poultry, totalling over 11 million birds.

The UK has culled at least 2 million [c]since October, despite detecting just 108 cases by late March.


Governments are killing millions of birds, and these deaths are being blamed on the flu.

To sum up, the backbone of this “bird flu” outbreak is:

  1. Routine testing done using unreliable PCR tests, which can be manipulated to create false-positive results.
  2. Linguistic ambiguity over causes of death, and unreliable reporting of casualty numbers.
  3. Governmental over-reactions which “accidentally” make the problem worse.

…seriously, any of this ringing a bell yet?

Bird flu is just like Covid. The same people, telling the same lies, for the same reasons.

We all know where it goes from here.

Just as with everything else, this will lead to more talk of a food crisis. France is already warning of poultry shortages, and since the US is the worlds biggest exporter of eggs and chicken any disruption there has huge knock effects. The price of eggs and chicken is already going up.

Just as with lockdowns, the bird flu “crisis” will hit small local businesses harder and faster than Big Farma giants (we’re already seeing reports of family farms being destroyed [d]).


They are reporting that free-range birds are more at risk from bird flu [e](what with being allowed to go outside and live like normal birds), so organic sustainable and ethical farming practices will be hit with new rules that don’t apply to corporate meat factories who treat animals as inanimate objects.


Meanwhile, this will be used to further advance the war on meat, boosting both veganism and backers of lab-grown “meat”.

Inevitably they are already talking about a new bird flu vaccine for people and/or birds. In fact, a UK firm announced a new bird flu vaccine for chicks just three days ago [f]. That’s some well-timed research, great work.


Good luck being an “anti-vaxxer” when they make it law to literally inject all your food with spike proteins or experimental mRNA modifiers or who knows what else.

And, of course, if they ever need it to, the “bird flu” can jump from chickens to humans, and we can have a brand new pandemic, just as the former head of the CDC predicted the other day [g].


Like I said at the beginning, there is no “bird flu” outbreak, it’s just Covid for chickens. Just more building back better. Just more new normal.

It’s all the Great Reset. That’s all there is these days.

Read the full article at [ ]

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