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Public Health Bill: Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan seeks clarification


On Jan 29, 2023,

Prakash Pohare, Editor-in-Chief of the leading Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra and Chairman of Symphony Media Private Limited and Senior Officer of Awaken India Movement,

Former MP Arun Kumar, and 

Ashutosh Phatak, Director & Qvive Editor in Chief of Symphony Media Private Limited and UHO working committee member,

Met with Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan in Kanyakumari and briefed him on the crimes of the WHO, Pharma Mafia, and Covid agenda.

Recently, the Kerala Awakening India Movement Team met with the Governor of Kerala, who said that if there were violations of the Constitution, he would not sign. Governor Arif Muhammad Khan clarified this to the media on April 13, 2023.

Governor Arif Muhammad Khan has sought an explanation from the government on the public health bill passed in the last legislative session. This is after the non-allopathic doctors protested against the bill to the Governor. Their complaint was sent to the government for clarification.

The Governor also decided to seek legal advice on the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill. These bills were passed without discussion in the last legislative session amid opposition uproar. The Governor, who went to Delhi yesterday, will return on the 20th.

In the Public Health Bill, the main complaint is that the AYUSH category has not been given adequate consideration. Registered medical practitioners have been given the authority to issue disease-free certificates to those affected by infectious diseases, but Ayurveda and Homeo sects do not have complete freedom of treatment.

The Governor is examining the legality of the Bill amending the Private Forests (Vesting and Assignment) Act, 1971 to provide relief to small and marginal farmers holding up to fifty cents of private forest land. The Bill proposes to grant ownership of land by considering possession documents submitted by farmers as admissible evidence. Earlier, the forest department had raised objections regarding giving concessions to farmers and the proof they produce.

Source: KAUMUDI, image- KAUMUDI


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