Thursday, June 13, 2024

PFI: Kerala HC gives ultimatum to govt to confiscate properties of leaders immediately


Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala High Court has given the ultimatum to the state government on the issue of confiscating the properties of the leaders of the banned organization Popular Front on complaints of the destruction of public funds during lightning hartal attacks.

The court directed that the confiscation proceedings should be completed immediately and asked that the report be submitted by the 23rd of this month after the completion of the proceedings. The court also said that there is no need to give notice for confiscation proceedings.

The Division Bench of the High Court took a strong stand against delaying the government’s actions while considering the case today. The Home Department had earlier informed the court that the confiscation proceedings would be completed before January 15.

National Investigation Agency has arrested a ‘reporter’ of the banned Popular Front of India (PFI) who was assigned to collect details about the leaders of other communities for possible targeting by hit squads.

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