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It’s time to wake up India! STOP THE SHOTS! In fact, the Serum Institute will provide 2 Crore Covishield dosing free of cost to the Central Government. This vaccine has caused many deaths and side effects.


As a result of the side effects of vaccination, A deliberate attempt by the Health Minister to obtain Covishield Vaccines from Serum Institute free of charge.

We have provided the facts and accurate information about vaccine-related injuries (sudden or unexpected deaths) from our Experts and AIM teams for the past two years on Qvive Network. Vaccination and its side effects are discussed in all its videos on by The Experts and AIM teams.

Now that you know how ignorant our government is about vaccine-related side effects, even mainstream media is silent about them. Why Investigation not done on this matter?

The sad part is that even now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya met to discuss the vaccination program.

Source News18: The Serum Institute of India (SII) has offered two crore doses of Covishield vaccine to the central government free of cost amid a rise in COVID-19 cases in some countries, official sources said on Wednesday.

According to an official source, Prakash Kumar Singh, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs at the Serum Institute, has written to the Health Ministry offering the doses worth Rs 410 crore free of cost.

It is learnt that Singh has sought to know from the ministry how the delivery can be made.

SII has so far provided more than 170 crore doses of Covishield to the government for the national immunisation programme.

With only 27 per cent of the eligible adult population having taken the precaution dose, government officials have appealed to those due for it to take it.

Official sources on Wednesday cautioned that the next 40 days will be crucial as India may see a Covid surge in January.

Even if there is a wave, deaths and hospitalisation will be very low, the Health Ministry sources said.

The government made random coronavirus testing mandatory for two percent of passengers arriving in each international flight from Saturday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya have held meetings to assess the country’s preparedness to deal with a fresh surge in cases.

Mock drills were held at health facilities across India on Tuesday to check operational readiness to deal with any spurt in COVID-19 infection.

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The TOI published an article on 10 September 2021 titled Covishield Vaccine Side-Effects: 4 New Side-Effects Discovered With The Astrazeneca COVID Shot.

It has been widely reported that COVID-19 vaccine shots have been associated with side effects since they were first introduced. The Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine has been causing some side effects, with preliminary reports suggesting that it causes neurological complications and blood clotting disorders.

It is known that vaccines can cause flu-like symptoms (like fever, chills, and body pain), but researchers have also reported that some people have also experienced viral influenza-like symptoms, which may affect the nose and the threat. Although it does not happen to everyone, it is a side effect to watch for.

So if you develop a fever, chills, muscle pain, sneezing, or congestion right now, it may be considered a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to earlier studies, sneezing has also been reported as a side effect among vaccinated beneficiaries who have had COVID-19.

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Also read: CDC says COVID-19 Vaccine – Side effects can cause Long Term Health Problems; they usually happen within six weeks of getting a vaccine. Updated Sept 14, 2022


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