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Chandigarh, DPS, and not knowing how numerous such cases are, will the names within the list keep expanding like this?


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Today’s children have become a challenge for parents, and trill, trill, and suspense they require in life, not in movies, and this interest makes them unwittingly make a few such mistakes, for which the entire society must bear the brunt. The Mohali video case in front of you is a living example of this.

Chandigarh University’s MMS case is being heard expeditiously. In this case, so far, 3 accused have been sent to 7 days police remand. The same demand for CBI investigation is also being made continuously; demand for CBI investigation Punjab Haryana Court has been entered in. This case has shaken the whole country. At present, the police are investigating the matter, but this is not the first time that such a video has come to the fore.

Earlier in 2004, DPS MMS Scandal and then in 2020 Boys Locker Room also shook the country.Let me tell you, videos of some girl students from a university in Chandigarh taking a bath have gone viral. The shocking thing is that these videos which are going viral were made by a girl, the girl used to stay in the hostel, and the news is that the girl had sent all the videos to her boyfriend.

On Saturday night, other girl students of the hostel caught the girl making a video, after which there was a ruckus in the hostel, and the matter came into the limelight.What has happened in this case so far?There was a tremendous demonstration and uproar on the university campus after the MMS of some girl students while taking a bath in the university went viral.

After this, the police arrested 3 accused. The arrested accused include the girl who made the video, her boyfriend, and one of their friends, the protest ended late in the night, and the university was closed for 6 days. Also, that hostel warden has been removed.Let us know about some such famous cases before the Mohali video scandal …which came to the headlines but to no avail. There was a ruckus, but such cases did not stop coming into the headlines.

What happened in the DPS scandal?

In this incident that happened 18 years ago, a video of two minor students in Delhi’s DPS School surfaced. This case is from 2004; at this time, people did not even have Android phones. At that time, the student had recorded this video while doing obscene acts with his friend. The student said that she had no knowledge of any kind of video recording. Later this video also went viral on many porn sites. An IIT student had also listed this video clip for sale on a website named Baji.com. After which, this video reached the mobiles of people from Delhi to many parts of the country, and this incident shook the country.

Boys’ locker room caseIn 2020,

the Boys Locker Room scandal shook the nation and sparked a similar debate. Actually, some children studying in Delhi schools had created a page called Boys Locker Room on Instagram. In this group, he used to edit photos and videos of the students studying with him and send obscene things. These children used to make plans to rape girls here. When the vulgarity in this group increased and all limits were crossed, a boy left the group and took a screenshot of the chats in that group. After this, the group went viral. The special thing in this case also was that most of the boys involved in this group were minors.

Such similar cases are being repeated again and again in our country; these cases remain in the headlines for some days, and as they get old, they get buried, due to which such incident happens again and again, media shows its voice for a few days. It also gets closed when it comes to hearing and how many days it stays in the court, but there is no such way against it, which does not happen like this. Even if somebody considers of doing it, it’ll go absent.


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