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CBI intensified in NDA government compared to UPA; CBI rained raids on opposition leaders.


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At least 124 leaders had to face CBI in eight years, out of which 118 were from opposition parties, and 6 were from NDA. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Income Tax Department, and Enforcement Directorate have always been the target of opposition, sometimes ‘Congress Bureau of Investigation, ‘cage parrot’ and sometimes ‘Jamai’ status of Bharatiya Janata Party.

The opposition always has allegations that their leaders are being raided because of political rivalry. Let me tell you, in the second term of NDA, more than 100 leaders, including 1 Chief Minister and 12 former Chief Ministers, have come under the CBI radar so far.However, no one will be surprised to know that in the last 18 years, during the rule of both the Congress and BJP governments, about 200 prominent leaders were booked by the CBI, some arrested, and some raided houses and lockers. And it has been common for the CBI or ED to inquire about more than 80 percent of these cases related to opposition leaders.

According to the website The Indian Express, an examination of off-court records, official documents, statements, and reports of these agencies shows that the practice of CBI or ED investigation has intensified after the NDA government came to power in 2014.During 10 year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government from 2004 to 2014, at least 72 political leaders have come under CBI scrutiny, and 43 of them, or 60 percent, were from the opposition, the same as the BJP-led NDA.

At least 124 leaders have faced CBI investigation in these 8 years of the government’s tenure. The list includes 118 leaders of the opposition, i.e. 95 percent of these leaders are the opposition.12 former Chief Ministers, 10 ministers, 34 MPs, 27 MLAs, 10 former MLAs, and 6 former MPs are trapped in the CBI’s trap during the NDA’s tenure, while the UPA government has 4 former Chief Ministers, 2 ministers, 13 MPs, 15 MLAs. , a former MLA and 3 former MPs were stranded.

Leader acquitted by changing the case of government or party-Meanwhile, when a leader joins the ruling party or changes the government, then the ongoing CBI case against him is thrown into the rubbish; the complete list of 72 leaders of the UPA era and 124 NDA leaders in the CBI trap was published on indianexpress.com.

While the IndianExpress report is yet to be clarified by the CBI, their agency official called it only a coincidence and also denied the raids conducted. Through this, we have no such means that we should target only opposition leaders.


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