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The Funeral Director Shares a Disturbing Revelation: A COVID-19 Vax Documentary


John O’Looney

John O’Looney has built a successful career as a funeral director in the United Kingdom. He runs a business in Milton Keynes, which he operates with his family.

John started noticing things were not right in late November 2019 when he saw a ‘blow-up pandemic mortuary’ in a local hospital which he was told was set up in preparation for ‘something really horrible coming’.

In 2021, as the vaccines rolled out, he was witness to a spike of unusual deaths, and while his peers and colleagues in the industry kept quiet, John bravely spoke out and questioned the narrative.

When John started seeing a spike in deaths amongst the vaccinated, he knew he had to speak up so he started to share his concerns privately and publicly.
One of the first issues that made him question the vaccines was the difficulty in embalming the newly deceased.

It seemed that many recently departed people had abnormal blockages in their blood vessels and in this interview John discusses this, as well as showing us what these blood clots that we keep hearing about, actually look like.

DEADLY QUIET: A Revealing Journey into Excess Deaths – A COVID-19 Vax Documentary

John is so honest and open, such a down to earth guy and we hope that this interview gives others the strength and courage to speak up and not remain silent.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 vaccines, a troubling trend has emerged across many nations: a surge in deaths not attributed to the virus itself, but ominously labelled as “excess deaths”. Yet, amidst mounting public concern and calls for scrutiny, governments and mainstream media outlets have conspicuously shied away from addressing this unsettling phenomenon.

Deadly Quiet documents the testimony of a funeral director, John O’Looney, in the UK. John’s business is booming. Which is a grim prospect in itself, since John deals in dead bodies. However, it’s worse than that. John is finding an increase in the number of young people who are dying and an acceleration of cancers. These changes in the number and the age of people who are dying coincide with the discovery of strange white rubbery clots in the blood vessels of the deceased.

Across the globe, funeral directors and embalmers are grappling with this perplexing phenomenon, all since the widespread administration of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The proper procedure in the UK is to report these findings to the local coroner for investigation. John did that, however, the local coroner was dismissive and even suggested that the samples of, never seen before, white rubbery clots, could be discarded. John then escalated the findings to the chief coroner of England, who refused to investigate, quoting “government policy”.

A wall of silence in all aspects of society appears to have been built. For example, only one member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen, has dared to broach the subject of excess deaths. Mr. Bridgen’s efforts have been met with hostility and ostracization from the very establishment he seeks to hold accountable.

As questions linger and concerns mount, the pressing query remains: How much longer can the establishment maintain its deafening silence in the face of the mounting evidence surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and the escalating toll on human lives?

John O’Looney – Vaccine Deaths: The Truth

Source: Bitchute, Odesysee

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