Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PM Modi reaches Dubai to attend World Climate Action Summit, emphasizes India’s commitment


Dubai: PM Modi reached Dubai to participate in the World Climate Action Summit, marking his attendance at a key climate-focused event. Speaking ahead of his departure, Modi emphasized the importance of extending support to developing nations in combating climate change through adequate financing and technology transfer.

“India has consistently demonstrated commitment towards climate action, particularly evident during our G20 presidency,” stated Modi, highlighting India’s prioritization of climate issues in the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration. He expressed anticipation for COP28, aiming to build on the consensus reached on climate action and sustainable development during the G20.

The World Climate Action Summit, occurring within the United Nations’ COP28, will witness the participation of global leaders discussing strategies to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. This summit represents the high-level segment of COP28.

PM Modi’s visit to Dubai for the #COP28 World Climate Action Summit aims to engage with international leaders, showcasing India’s advancements and future plans in meeting climate targets. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi highlighted the visit’s significance in addressing climate change issues on a global scale.

During his time in Dubai, the prime minister is set to engage in three additional high-level side events besides participating in COP28. Scheduled from November 30 to December 12 under the UAE presidency, COP28 offers an opportunity to evaluate progress made under the Paris Agreement and outline future steps in climate action.

Modi stressed the necessity for developed nations to support developing countries with financial aid and technology transfer in their climate endeavors. He emphasized the principles of equity, climate justice, and differentiated responsibilities as crucial components in achieving sustainable development.

Highlighting India’s achievements in renewable energy, afforestation, and energy conservation, Modi reaffirmed the country’s dedication to environmental conservation. He underlined India’s historical emphasis on climate action while pursuing social and economic development.

As he anticipates joining special events on climate finance and green credit initiatives, Modi reiterated India’s commitment to climate action rooted in its civilizational ethos. This visit underscores India’s relentless pursuit of climate action and commitment to global environmental initiatives.


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