Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Own Country Kailasa: Self-appointed godman Nithyananda’s representative at UN


Geneva: A representative of Kailasa, the self-proclaimed country of controversial spiritual leader Nityananda, recently attended a United Nations meeting on February 22. Vijayapriya, a permanent ambassador from Kailasa, spoke at the meeting and claimed that Nityananda was being persecuted and exiled from his own land for reviving indigenous tribal groups.

They also demanded an end to the invasion of Kailasa, which they claimed to be the first kingdom of Hinduism.

In a video uploaded on the United Nations website, Vijayapriya can be seen attending the meeting and participating in a discussion on women’s equal importance in decision-making systems. They also alleged that their country’s founder, Nityananda, was being persecuted by his motherland and asked the UN what action should be taken at the international level to stop the persecution of Nityananda and the 20 lakh Hindus in Kailasa.

Kailasa is an island claimed to be the kingdom founded by Nityananda after escaping from India. The sovereign has issued his own coinage and there are reports that the currency here is gold. However, it is not clear whether this ‘nation’ has been recognized by the United Nations.

Nityananda left India in 2020 after allegations of illegal detention of women in an ashram in Ahmedabad surfaced. Since then, he has been residing in Kailasa, which he claims to be a sovereign nation. According to reports, Kailasa has embassies and NGOs in about 150 countries around the world.

The attendance of a representative from Kailasa at the United Nations meeting has sparked controversy, as many are questioning the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed nation. The UN has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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