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Exploring Weather Manipulation in Dubai and the HAARP Connection


Weather Manipulation in Dubai: Is HAARP to Blame?

In recent years, Dubai has experienced some unusual weather patterns, including heavy rainfall and even tornadoes. Many people have speculated about the cause of these extreme weather events, with some pointing to the possibility of HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) being involved in weather manipulation.

One of the most alarming weather events in Dubai in recent years was the occurrence of a tornado. Tornadoes are rare in the region, leading many to question the cause of this destructive weather phenomenon. Some have suggested that fake clouds created by HAARP /cloud seeding could have contributed to the formation of the tornado.

Dubai is another country where weather manipulation experiments have been conducted. In 2017, scientists in Dubai used drones to artificially create rain showers in the desert. The experiment, known as “cloud seeding,” involved releasing chemicals into the atmosphere to encourage cloud formation and precipitation. While this method is different from HAARP technology, it highlights the interest and capabilities of countries like Dubai in controlling weather patterns.

HAARP, or the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is a research program that studies the ionosphere and its interactions with radio waves.

HAARP is a research program that was initiated by the United States Air Force, Navy, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 1993. It is located in Gakona, Alaska, and its main goal is to study the ionosphere and its effects on communication and surveillance systems. However, some conspiracy theorists believe that HAARP has the ability to control the weather by manipulating the ionosphere using high-frequency radio waves.

Let’s take a closer look at the countries that have been associated with HAARP and weather manipulation.

The HAARP HF transmitter has demonstrated the ability to produce a wide range of new ionospheric modification disturbances including (1) production of artificial plasma clouds that live for hours, (2) stimulated radio emissions that are diagnostics of the high power HF wave interactions, and (3) radio scintillations that greatly exceed previously recorded amplitude and phase fluctuations. The HAARP HF facility can produce this phenomena because of (a) extreme effective radiated power (ERP) in the 1 to 3.6 GW range, (b) full frequency agility in the 2.6 to 10 MHz band for excitation near electron cyclotron harmonics, (c) beam formation and beam pointing using the 12 × 15 element array, and (d) polarization selection by the phasing of the crossed dipole antenna elements. Future experiments are warranted to exploit the HAARP capabilities to both understand the physics behind the phenomena reported here and to develop new techniques for production and control of new ionosphere disturbances in density, waves and optical emissions.

Satellite transmissions from TACSat4 along a propagation path in the ionosphere illuminated by the high power HAARP beam. The strongest 253 MHz amplitude scintillations occur when the communication experiment (COMMX) beacon orbit passes directly over HAARP.

HAARP Announces New Research Campaign, November 4-7, 2023

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will be conducting a research campaign November 4-7 to study artificial airglow and very low freqency/extremely low frequency (VLF/ELF) radio waves. The primary goals of this research campaign are to better understand the mechanisms in the ionosphere that produce optical emissions and to investigate if certain types of waves in the ionosphere can amplify VLF/ELF waves. Additional experiments seek to determine if satellites can use plasma waves in the ionosphere for collision detection and avoidance.

Amateur radio operators can find a copy of the HAARP November 2023 transmission notice here; this document includes information about currently scheduled times and frequencies of transmission, as well as other information that may be of interest to amateur radio observers and the general public.

Download pdf:

[a] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1427HexSpmtbvPzczLCqzH_U7OU6Wq4ay/view?usp=sharing

Research Campaigns

Scientists at HAARP use HF radio transmitters to heat small regions of the ionosphere and observe the effects. For traditional space research using ground-based observations or experiments on sounding rockets, it can take an extremely long time (days, weeks, years) to get the desired natural overhead conditions. Satellites can amass much larger databases but it is difficult to coordinate the satellite with the desired phenomena. With a facility like HAARP, it is possible to perform an experiment at will to create plasma structures and irregularities, use the ionosphere like an antenna to excite low frequency waves, create weak luminous aurora-like glows and a variety of other experiments.

The scientists who may conduct research are university physicists and engineers, their students, government scientists, and scientists from commercial firms having an interest in the ionosphere and in communication and radio science theory and applications. Several universities have played a major role in HAARP from its inception to the present time, including the University of Alaska, Stanford University, Penn State University, Boston College, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, MIT, University of California Los Angeles, Clemson University and the University of Tulsa.

HAARP artificial airglow may be widely visible in Alaska

Artificial Airglow Visibility Post-HAARP, Visible as a pale red or green area

• Post-radio waves, airglow visible as a pale red or green area up to 300 miles from HAARP site in Gakona.
• Useful in atmospheric research and space weather studies to understand Earth’s atmosphere-space interactions.
Other sources include rocket exhaust plumes, space shuttle exhaust plumes, and research balloons with special chemicals.

Dubai Floods: Dubai’s Sky Turns Green

A bus stands abandoned in pouring rain as the sky turned green as a storm hit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Heavy rains lashed the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, flooding out portions of major highways and leaving vehicles abandoned on roadways across Dubai. Meanwhile, the death toll in separate heavy flooding in neighboring Oman rose to 18 with others still missing as the sultanate prepared for the storm. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)


According to the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari, all the world’s billionaires are currently constructing underground bunkers. Harari also warns that a flood will eventually devastate civilization, and when that occurs, the elites will be rescued while the rest of us will perish by drowning. It is disheartening to consider this stark contrast in outcomes.

Source: National Academies NAP, WKRN-Image, Youtube-Image, AGUpub, Geophysical Institute, Interestingengineering, Wikipedia,

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