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Bill Gates warns white-collar workers that AI is on its way


AI is capable of replacing white-collar workers such as doctors, management consultants, and home tutors, say experts. Unlike previous generations of AI, ChatGPT is able to read through thousands of pages of text and produce a colorful and interesting summary that is comparable to what a human would.

On ABC News(Australia), Bill Gates is claiming online conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are spreading about him.

It was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation during the pandemic, donating more money than any other country except Germany to the World Health Organization.

“Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories”

The billionaire philanthropist said traditional news sources amplified the spread of conspiracy theories about his involvement in global vaccine campaigns.

“I think it’s more of the mainstream news media that would constantly bring it up, even though it’s laughable. That did more to spread the rumours,” he said.

Despite the spread of misinformation online, Gates said he was optimistic about the future of social media.

“We have a generation coming that will hopefully be creative about social media and how we make it more of a force for good,” he said.

As for Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, Gates said while Musk had “done a lot of great work, you know, I’m not sure that’s the best use of his time”.


‘Plenty of time to adapt to AI’

In the past, Gates has said he is both excited and concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in the company OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that can generate natural-sounding text.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, was co-founded by Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk and has financial backing from Microsoft. 

Microsoft’s billionaire co-founder Bill Gates, who is visiting Australia, said artificial intelligence had the potential to replace white-collar jobs, including in teaching and medicine.

AI is going to help us with teaching kids,’ he told ABC 7.30 host Sarah Ferguson.

‘It’s going to help us with access to healthcare workers, making healthcare more efficient.

‘AI is going to affect not just blue-collar jobs but also white-collar jobs.’ 

Gates said AI may even potentially do some of the work of doctors.

‘It will be able to tutor kids and give medical advice but it won’t match humans, not in the fullest sense of human personality,’ he said.

General practitioners in 2019-20 had an average taxable salary of $175,731, and are in short supply, particularly in regional areas, with Australia reliant on immigration for skilled professionals.

Artificial intelligence could potentially be used to fill skills shortages, with Australia’s unemployment rate in December remaining at a 48-year low of 3.5 per cent.

Bill Gates says the mainstream media made the spread of conspiracy theories about him worse:

While AI would “affect not just blue-collar jobs but also white-collar jobs”, he said: “There’ll be plenty of time to adapt, as this increased efficiency gives us more economic options.”

There would be unpredictable things that cropped up as we had new technologies, “things like misinformation”, he said.

“The downsides of a modern technology, we have been able to manage those to the benefit of mankind,” Gates said.

“People are literate, people live three times as long as they did before. And this is the next wave of human innovation.”

Watch the Full video: Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a conversational dialogue model, a chatting robot, trained by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It understands and responds to natural human language and answers questions, and talks like you were to talk to humans. It gets its name from GPT or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It is a deep-learning language model that specializes in generating human-like written text. Deep Learning which is a machine learning method with three or more layers of a neural network attempts to simulate the behavior of a human brain, which then allows it to learn like humans.

But how is it different from Siri or an Alexa who can also talk and respond, tell a joke or recite a poem? How is ChatGPT different than any other AI models that are already available?

Well, it’s different because ChatGPT will remember your earlier conversations for context, it will even admit its mistakes, challenge premises, and sometimes even decline to answer.

How does ChatGPT work?

A user can start by going to OpenAI’s website, click on the Try ChatGPT button, and start using.

OpenAI has trained ChatGPT using a training method known as Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback OR RLHF.

It uses a reward AND punishment system to train AI. So, whenever it takes an action, it is classified into two categories – desirable or punishable. The desired action is rewarded whereas an undesired one is punished. With this trial-and-error method, AI then learns what works and what wouldn’t.

OpenAI has also used humans as trainers of this AI.  It is through conversations that these trainers played both the roles of a user and of an AI assistant. But this training method can be a bit problematic, as it can often mislead the model.

An ideal answer would depend on what the model knows, rather than what the human demonstrator knows.. and this could be a limitation to this exciting new thing on the internet.

So, if a user asks a complex question or does not phrase the question well, then the bot can decline to answer. It will also decline to answer if it’s not an appropriate question.

Source: Business Today, ABC News(Australia)


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