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A heartbreaking story of a six-month-old who passed away hours after receiving childhood vaccines. 


A heartbreaking story of a healthy little boy who tragically lost his life after receiving a routine vaccination. Through education, awareness, and advocacy, we can work towards a future and ensure that no other family has to suffer the loss of a child due to a vaccine-related tragedy.

[Published in January 2024]

Liam was wide awake, cheerful, and bursting with energy on the day his mom, Bri, brought him to the doctor for his six-month check-up. His mom recorded a video of him playing peek-a-boo in the waiting room just moments before he got his vaccines. In the video, he looks adorable, completely healthy, and his face is beaming with big baby smiles as he giggles with his mom. He looks incredibly healthy. There was absolutely no sign of the sad event that was going to happen next.

The doctor’s records indicate that Liam was in excellent health, both physically and developmentally, during his visit. However, subsequent to the visit, he received a vaccination.

Liam got five shots at the doctor’s office – HepB, TDaP, Polio, Rotavirus, and Pneumococcal. Momma left feeling relieved that her baby was healthy and growing well. She had some things to do and Liam dozed off in the car on the way home… which is normal for a six-month-old who just had a tough time at the doctor’s office.

At home, Liam was more fussy than normal. Bri fed him and then put him in his bouncy chair while she put dishes in the dishwasher. After ten minutes, when she looked at her baby boy again—he had disappeared.

The concerned mother lifted him from his seat, but he remained limp and unresponsive, resembling a lifeless doll. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to revive him, and even the paramedics were unsuccessful. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, mere hours after being deemed in good health and receiving his vaccinations.

Liam’s mom and others told VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) about his death, but they haven’t heard back. Nobody wants to accept that vaccines caused the death of this healthy little boy, not even the doctor’s office that gave him the shots. It seems like nobody wants to find out why a perfectly healthy baby boy died so suddenly, right after getting injections that people believe are good for you.

In addition, there have been multiple similar deaths in India, yet the Indian government failed to adequately inform the public. The Awaken India movement data have documented numerous reports of such deaths on their website.

The untold story of the tyranny of childhood vaccinations in India


AIM initiative to collect reports of deaths post Covid-19 Injection.


On Qvive Network, the Universal Health Organisation, and the Awaken India Movement Team support and empathize with parents seeking justice for their beloved children.

In order to view the information, you will need to log in to the websites that have been provided here.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to make sure no other family has to endure the pain of losing a child/loved one in this way. Together, we can make a difference and protect the health and safety of our nation.

Source: Covid Intel-image

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