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Why did the government ban PFI? What was written in the government order?


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After continuous raids on PFI bases, finally, the government has banned the PFI organization for 5 years; let us tell you, the Union Home Ministry issued a notification saying that PFI will be considered an illegal organization for the next 5 years. The PFI and its affiliated organization have been declared ‘illegal.’ In its order, the central government has accused the PFI of ‘radicalizing a particular section by running an agenda in a secret way’ and ‘affiliating with terrorist organizations.

His order by the government reads, “The PFI and its associate organizations, institutions or leading organizations function as a socio-economic and political organization, but these people are involved in a covert agenda to target a particular section of the society. They are working towards weakening the concept of democracy by making fanatics.

At the same time, there are allegations against PFI that he has been involved in many criminal and terrorist cases. This organization disrespects the constitutional authority of the country. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, PFI threatens the country’s security by taking funding from outside. is becoming.” PFI links two such organizations in Bangladesh and India, which are already banned.

The order reads- “The PFI has links with the terrorist organization Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh as well as some of the founding members of the PFI were leaders of the Students Islamic Movement of India; both these organizations are banned organizations.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs’ order said many such instances clearly show that the PFI links with global terrorist groups.

Some members of PFI have also joined ISIS, participating in terrorist activities in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Some members of the PFI were killed in conflict zones of these countries. The state and central police have also arrested so many.”


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