Sunday, December 10, 2023

Were the Health Department workers giving these IFA tablets to children iron and folic acid supplement based on parental consent?  If not, this is Medical Fraud.


Charaideo: Nearly 50 students of two schools in Assam’s Charaideo district were taken ill on Saturday purportedly after consuming iron-folic acid (IFA) tablets provided by Health department workers.The students were brought to the Sonari Civil Hospital where they received medical treatment before being discharged.

According to the officials, a team of health workers from the Batau sub-centre of the Patsaku Block primary health centre distributed IFA tablets to 75 students from Kheranipathar Lower Primary School and 26 from Nimalia Lower Primary School.

The tablets were distributed in the presence of teachers, and the students were warned not to consume them on an empty stomach. After a while, the school authorities informed the health team that two children from each school were vomiting and complaining of abdominal pain.

“They were immediately taken to Sonari Civil Hospital and further health intervention. Later, 48 more children were taken to the hospital for examination,” a source added. A health department release said the situation is being closely monitored. IFA tablets are given to children by the government as iron-folic acid supplements.

Source: India


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