Monday, July 22, 2024

Rs 75 lakhs stolen from ATMs in Tamil Nadu


Chennai: As much as Rs 75 lakhs were stolen from ATMs in Tamil Nadu at the same time. Three State Bank of India ATMs and one One India Bank ATM near Tiruvannamalai were among the looted.

The cash was stolen by breaking open the chest boxes of the ATM machine using a gas cutter.

Two ATMs near Mariamman Temple in Tiruvannamalai Town, ATM near Polur Town Railway Station and ATM near Government Boys High School in Kalasapakkam Town were robbed. The theft was discovered by the police team which was patrolling at night.

The police inform that after 2 am on Sunday, the ATMs were looted using gas cutters after shuttering them. After the theft, the thieves set fire to the machines and CCTV of all the ATMs.

Therefore, the police have not been able to find fingerprints or CCTV footage of the thieves.

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