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Youngsters must see this couple; Akhil did not think about her burnt face


Ernakulam (Kerala): Amrita, who hide her burnt face by putting her father’s photo on Facebook profile, is today a social media superstar. Holding the hand of Akhil who came into her life, Amrita is fulfilling her childhood dreams which got burnt in the fire.

Now she has the courage and the spirit to show her burnt face to the world. All this was possible because of Akhil, who did not see Amrita’s burnt face but her loving heart. Both are now superstars on Instagram.

All the videos shared by this couple through their Instagram account ammuz__appuz__official__, which has around 36 thousand followers, are viral. At the age of 10, Amrita got burns on her face. Amrita (24) got close to Akhil (28) because he is the only person who has not spoken about her shortcomings ever.

Although their houses are only 2.5 km apart, they both met through Facebook ten years ago. Akhil did not find Amrita’s burned face as an issue. They shared their love on valentine’s day. The marriage was on November 10, 2021. Both are employees of private institutions in Ernakulam.

On March 25, 2010, Amrita got injured by fire. Amrita, who was a class 5 student at Thuravoor TD School, was studying when she remembered that a book had fallen between the beds the day before. Small room with few amenities. She lit a kerosene lamp for light and crawled under the bed. She had epilepsy and felt dizzy as she came out with the book.

As she lost consciousness, the fire from the lamp spread to her body. As the fire and smoke rose, the relatives and neighbors rushed to save her life by pouring water on her. The family does not remember how many surgeries were performed on her body, which suffered 38% burns.

Her skin from different parts of the body is attached to the face and neck. Ears made of silicone replaced the ears that have fallen off. Metty, who was a tailor, is a She Taxi driver now because she practiced driving for Amrita, who was reluctant to go out.

Akhil and his brother Arun, who lost their parents at the age of fifteen, had only an aunt. When Amrita asks if they had food, Akhil says that it was a feeling of getting their mother’s love back. Amrita, who turned to badminton to overcome her right arm weakness after the burn injury, later became MG University’s individual champion in cycling.

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